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elkhart deluxe/learner

i was wondering if anybody knew the difference between the elkhart series 2 and the elkhart deluxe sxad

1 day ago
by adamsuk

New on

Hello, i'm soprano player in the Saxy Frasques saxophon quartet, a french band created with students of the Istres's music…

1 week ago

Martin Alto Sax info

Hello -

I am looking for information on a Martin Alto Sax I am trying to put a price on.  the serial number a…

2 weeks ago
by cenbody

Hello to all, Need some info about a Sax.

Have been playing a Yamaha YTS23 Tennor but ended up buying another small Saxophone which stands at 47cm tall and badged (…

3 weeks ago
by asmp1


This looks like a great board. I have played the clarinet and tenor sax since the late 50's. I went to the high s…

4 weeks ago
by Saxquest (306 posts)

The_Muton from France

Hi dear members,

I'm a pianist (amateur) from France.
I play on a numeric piano since one year - I played…

2 months ago
by the_muton

Ken from Chicago

Hey, I'm Ken! Not a saxophonist myself but working with a few to get a site called Sax Rhino off the ground and running. O…

3 months ago
by kenmoorhead (2 posts)

Greetings all, and happy Tuesday

I'm Eric, currently oscillating between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.  (Salt Lake atm.)  I've played sax for l…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (306 posts)

Eric from Hampshire, UK

Hello every one. I have an Alto, a Tenor and a Con Melody C. All in good working order.
I now am setting about learni…

3 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)


Hello, my name is Alex Perez and I am an alto saxophonist in high school. I'm in 9th grade, and began playing in 7th. I ha…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (306 posts)

New to the Sax and Horns in general

Hello Everyone,

I have been playing semi-pro as a singer and acoustic guitarist, but have just recently picked…

4 months ago
by casbonano

Hi from Brisbane Australia

Hello.. I wish to introduce myself from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am a retired former employee of a major airline…

4 months ago
by roggers

Hello from Lagos

Hi guys, am Karim and playing alto sax when ever I can. I am french and work in Nigeria since 2003. I can accomodate my jo…

4 months ago
by Belkatel

Two months in!

Hi from Canada
I am new to music altogether, and I am enjoying learning the saxophone.  This site has already ta…

4 months ago
by drjamieson

Vintage Bari Sax

Hi I'm new to I've been playing sax for about 20 years tenor mostly. I started playing Bari sax about three…

4 months ago
by mzaffino

Boa tarde!!! Estou aprendendo a tocar.

Meu Carlos, sou brasileiro e estou iniciando no saxophone tenor.
Gostei muito do site.

"Good afte…

5 months ago
by kelsey (793 posts)

Hello from St Charles,MO

Hi I'm Ron. I've been playing Tenor Sax for ten years. Any advice on memorizing Bebop tunes?

5 months ago
by cnup2020 (2 posts)

Hello from Austin, Texas!

I am a professional sax player in Austin. I also have a series of apps that teach jazz improv. You can search "iImprov" in…

5 months ago
by tonybray

My sax alto is a Buecher Low Pitch 25084

Hi dear friends. I'm a brasilian amador musician and I have a sax alto Buecher Low Pitch 25084 and I would like to know so…

5 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)


Hi all. I've been messing around with sax for at least 30 years, but am  self taught so progress is not steady. I jus…

5 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

New to the site and need some assistance with a Selmer


I have a Selmer Saxaphone that my father had and cherished. The Saxaphone was passed on to my mother when m…

6 months ago
by fchiro86 (2 posts)

martin tenor sax holton alto

martin tenor sax, holton alto


My grandfather gave me a martin tenor sax and an alto frank holton sax, …

6 months ago
by fchiro86 (2 posts)

New to site with Conn question

Hi there,

I just joined your site. I used to play 30+ years ago. I have a Conn (I believe Chuberry) that has be…

6 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

Buffet Crampton Super Dynaction Saxophone Serial # 5315

This saxaphone is in excellent condition and I am curious as to the possible value of this instrument. All keys have been…

6 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

I'm as green as they come...

Hey everybody and thanks for reading my post.

Its great to be here. I just picked up my first Alto sax. Was holdin…

6 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)
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