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high and low

i have recently started playing alto and learnt the ub40 food thought riff,i play it in key of A it sounds ok (probably wr…

5 years ago
by hohners

Problems with Conn Alto 1924

I am looking for some advise on a 1924 Conn alto saxophone that I just purchased for my son to play for marching band as he d…

5 years ago
by DerPhantom1 (1 post)

New from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi! i'm new in this forum. My name is Gustavo. I'm 21 years old. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. been playing alto sax…

5 years ago
by elperseguidor (2 posts)

Christopher Braig Webster University Adjunct Jazz Faculty

Hey all this is a very cool site.


Check out my teaching site for free saxopho…

5 years ago
by vonbraig

New kid on the block

Hi, I'm new here.  I came by and noticed you guys have a forum that looks fairly active. 


5 years ago
by Saxquest (399 posts)

Cannonball Stone Series Curved Soprano Sax

Sorry, sax people, I feel a bit like an interloper, and that's not my intent. I lack information about a saxophone that wa…

5 years ago
by teicher

New Here


I'm new here. I've been playing electric bass for 40+ years. I also have played around with the sax during…

5 years ago
by Gmann

Nice job Mark!!!

Hello everyone,  very glad to see such a nicely organized and informative website.  Congrats to Mark Overton.&nb…

5 years ago
by gwindplayer

Low "D" Vibrates Uncontrollably

Hello All: I just found your site and am looking forward to reading much more.... I am a rookie tenor sax player. Have been…

5 years ago
by tutu13 (1 post)

vintage York & Sons Merry Xmas silver sax

I have ran across my Grandfathers saxaphone. How do I find ouut more information on it's value? We now have a new one for…

5 years ago
by ducknuff

New To This Place

Seems like a swinging joint! I'm a Bari/Tenor player in the greater St. Louis area. Anybody got any bari talk?

5 years ago
by SteakNShakeJake

Hello from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Hi! My name is Grecia Manrique, I'm 45 years old, and I live in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I'm currently a sax student,…

5 years ago
by Grecia (2 posts)

1946 Conn 12M Naked Lady Baritone / 1967 Selmer Mark VI Tenor

I'm not a player and don't know much about saxophones. However, from what I've read, both of these saxes are coveted and very…

6 years ago
by cymbal (1 post)

1920 Harwood ,Silver, Beuscher Professional Alto

Hey guys....I'm new to the forum. Don't know a lot about saxes but know what I like. Just got hold of an excellent cond . Har…

6 years ago
by Spike33 (2 posts)

Selmer Tenor Sax

I have a 1967 Selmer Mark VI tenor sax,used,straight body, tight keys,original finish,with a burglarson mouthpiece.....I am l…

6 years ago
by krystine1846 (1 post)

identify and value alto sax

I have a conn alto, silver color finish, gold wash bell. Would like to know more about it

6 years ago
by luze (1 post)

Buying Pro

i've been playing alto saxophone for six years, and I am currently saving up for a soprano. I know that if i buy an intermedi…

6 years ago
by MarcherGirl (1 post)

damaged wurlitzer c melody sax

I have a wurlitzer cmelody sax serial no.147703 low pitch with bevelled tone holes.probably a MARTIN. The neck got bent after…

6 years ago
by hornlover (1 post)

Mouthpiece Alto Sax

Hello, I'm interested in BRAWLER triple sonority Alto Sax. Someone knows the mouthpiece? The mouthpiece was make in USA abou…

6 years ago
by musikamaestro (5 posts)

Hello Saxophone Lovers and Players

I'm "introducing" myself to you. I am a saxophonist and I do think a lot about sound and how to improve it. Recently I purcha…

6 years ago
by poxoreu (2 posts)

Tenor or alto

I have played alto for a few years, will I get a more jazzier sound from a Tenor

6 years ago
by kelsey (924 posts)


Need help to evaluate old sax buescher alto -#144859

6 years ago
by Teresa DiNapoli (1 post)

Getting back into playing the sax

I have been away from playing the sax for about 20 years and have picked up the instrument again. Any thoughts on how to appr…

6 years ago
by Ivan M (4 posts)

I am new around here.

Hello I am new on this forum. I played saxophone from the 7th grade to 12th grade. I am now 42 and was thinking of getting ba…

6 years ago
by Ivan M (4 posts)

Value for appraisal of inherited sax

I can hear the love of music in these posts. A website providing a great service for the rest of us. I'm eager to learn how t…

6 years ago
by noblet77 (4 posts)
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