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11 hours ago
by isabellanoahusfix


I am considering both of these used horns. Both about five years old and both about the same price, $2,500.

I d…

16 hours ago
by Waynedziu54

Yanagisawa T-991 Professional Tenor Saxophone

I am looking into buying a used Yanagiswa T-991 Tenor Sax from a local source.  The sax is 4-5 years old and was well…

2 days ago
by Waynedziu54 (3 posts)

Getting back into it, my son will join band soon, advice please

so I'm almost 40, but back in high school, I was a pretty good Bari sax player.  Made several all state bands, and ev…

2 days ago
by Carbrenash (2 posts)

5 Saxophones

5 Saxophones and still have no idea what to do with them, anyone have any suggestions, this is what I got     &n…

2 days ago
by GFC (485 posts)

Buscher model S-33

I have a Buscher Alto Saxaphone S/N 111908 Model S-33 purchased in 1961.  Can anyone give me any history on these sax…

2 days ago
by barisaxalpha (5 posts)

Not ALL Keilwerth Black finish are "shadows"??????

Help, I bought a Keilwerth Tenor SX90 (not an "r') with a black finish thinking it was a "shadow" and now I find out…

1 week ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

Looking for Conn 10M Neck

Can anybody help me find a Conn 10M neck? I've been playing the horn for a few years now with a different sax's neck; it f…

2 weeks ago
by GFC (485 posts)

I cannot switch my notes properly.

I am a Eb Alto Saxophone player and I cannot swtch from the lowest possible D to the Highest possible D. in order for me t…

3 weeks ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

2nd player, 2nd mouthpiece?

My son has recently decided he wanted to play saxophone, and due to school schedules, he will be able to share his sister'…

3 weeks ago
by JonHuff (46 posts)

New saxophone, doesn't seem to be working properly?

I not long ago bough a new alto saxophone and I only just recived it yesterday. All in all it cost £115. I've tried…

4 weeks ago
by TorstenScherer (0 posts)

Buescher year of manufacture

Looking for some information on a Buscher alto I recently purchased. It has a serial number of 72410 and underneath that i…

1 month ago
by Harpo (3 posts)

Looking for a stand to hold my horn in playing position. Any ide

First post here.

I play tenor sax and guitar in a band. There are several song…

1 month ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

Sirus II

Does anyone have any experience with any of these (soprano, alto, or tenor)? 2 replies by Yonatan (2 posts) 10 years ago

1 month ago
by Yonatan (2 posts)

Low notes turn to high notes.

Hi there. I just recently started playing the saxophone a few weeks ago and I've pretty much got most of the basics down e…

2 months ago
by GFC (485 posts)

I need an advice about my MC gregory mouthpiece.

I have the very rare old MC GEGORY 4A 20.
The mouthpiece itself sound not less than amazing. And belive me I tried al…

2 months ago
by Drorsh (2 posts)

Saxophone 432hz

following on from my last post  I found this link which explained all Iwanted to know

Thank you Ps...Im st…

2 months ago
by sellerccv2 (1 post)

My blog!

Check out my blog!

2 months ago
by trevor_sims

Saxophone Tuning

Hi everyone . Maybe a silly question , but is it possibble or even practcal to tune saxophone to 432hz

thanks &…

2 months ago
by JonHuff (46 posts)

Playing in church.

Hi! Im Trevor I am 16 years old and I have been playing my Eb Alto since October of 2013. My pastor wants me to play in ch…

2 months ago
by trevor_sims

Help!!! Playing for my church

Wassup yall my name is Jeremy and I'm 16 years old and i have been playin' the alto sax since 6th grade....and I know I have…

2 months ago
by trevor_sims (5 posts)

Entry level question

Good day - I am new to the saxophone and would like to ask a few questions. I am 49 and hope to start saxophone lessons. T…

2 months ago
by JonHuff (46 posts)

Growling on Saxophone


I've been trying to create a growling effect on my alto sax. I know that there are several ways to growl, b…

3 months ago
by theokayplayer (3 posts)

Selmer Mark VI for sale richmond VA

Sorry if this is not the right location.  I recognize this question gets asked ALL THE TIME but I have a beautiful ol…

3 months ago
by HappySax (22 posts)

Baby Saxophone

Hi, I am Davinder Kumar, for TR Musicals, India. We are saxophone and clarinet manufacturer. I would like to tell you about…

3 months ago
by coinlineukssss (0 posts)
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