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sax conn

Gostaria de saber qual a origem do sax conn serie n 88630 e se é um sax bom de afinação e mecanica?

5 months ago
by russiancarderwe (0 posts)

notes between middle octave B flat and C sharp not playing right?

I've been playing saxophone for about seven years, and have been playing on the current alto sax (yamaha) I have for about…

9 months ago
by GFC (580 posts)

Thoughts on Gretsch Saxophones

I was wondering how some of you feel about Gretsch Saxophone's. I'm going to be buying my first saxophone pretty soon. I'm…

9 months ago
by NewSaxCity (4 posts)

Milwaukee stencil sax

hey guys, I'm thinking of picking up a alto saxophone off of ebay and wanted your opinions. The saxophone is a milwaukee s…

9 months ago
by Saxquest (387 posts)

sax swot

Hi everyone! I'm interested to buy an used Yanagisawa sax, 00144375 serial number. Could someone tell me what should I pay…

9 months ago
by CCYYBBEERR (0 posts)

Tenor advice: B&S 2001 vs. Yamaha YTS-62II

I recently got a Yamaha YTS-62II, good deal too. Although I am extemely pleased with its ease of playing, I am not too excite…

9 months ago
by (1 post)

F/s Yanagisawa Model B-9930 Silver Series Bari Sax For $1200

We sell all kind of musical instruments and other electronics with warranty guaranteed and also working perfectly…

9 months ago
by sound90

Saxquest Conn 6M repair

Yesterday I received my 1936 transitional Conn 6M back from Saxquest in St. Louis (they straightened the…

10 months ago
by mijderf (13 posts)

Buying an Alto and looking for advice.

I am looking to buy an Alto saxophone (New) and was wondering if anyone had any comments/reviews about this particular mod…

10 months ago
by Saxlover70 (14 posts)

How the Neck Octave Key Should Function

How the Neck Octave Key Should Function ?Please give your advice Thank you

10 months ago
by ferhal86

How to Clean a Saxophone ?

I have one question, that is 
How to clean a saxophone ?

Looking forward

Fernando H <…

10 months ago
by ferhal86 (12 posts)

Method book for pseudo beginner on bari sax

I am a recreational trumpet player who has always wanted to learn bari sax,  So I bought one and need…

10 months ago
by kelsey (904 posts)

New piece for alto and electronics!

Please check it out!  Great performance by Alastair Penman. 

10 months ago
by gsheil

Sax Question - Buescher Aristocrat 200

Hello, I never knew a site like this existed. Well anyways I will cut to the chase, I bought a Buescher Aristocrat 200 fro…

10 months ago
by Saxlover70 (14 posts)

First sax for child

i am wondering if there is a quality 'toy' saxhone that my 6 year old grandson can learn on and play with without breaking…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (87 posts)

CG Conn Sax

My dad just passed away and he had a sax that none of us knew about. All I know is that its a CG Conn and it dates 1914. I…

11 months ago
by JonHuff (68 posts)

Baritone Selmer Mark VI


Three months ago I became the baritone player of a big band. I'm now using a rental saxophone but I'm l…

11 months ago
by GFC (580 posts)

Steve Goodson Curved Soprano

I'm looking at a Steve Goodson Curved Soprano on ebay.
Are they good horns, or should I look for a Yani or Mauriat?

11 months ago
by saxgourmet (126 posts)

R & C clones?

I have a 1996 Ramone & Cazzani half curved soprano R1.  Under The s/n is Ishihara. Does this mean it's z clone?

11 months ago
by sparacim

help with sax identification

Hello and happy thanksgiving  to all. I was hoping someone could help me out with some information.  I've had a…

1 year ago
by Jazzymel (3 posts)

Intresting Christmas Sweater

Hello Fridnes <3

Here's an interesting sweater that I thought some of you might enjoy :)…

1 year ago
by emmet345

needing help with picking a saxophone for my daughter.

Hi everyone. 
I know this is probably not…

1 year ago
by tessa86

What is my Saxophone model ??

Hello, I'm trying to sell my Saxophone that I bought off my friend a while ago. He bought it originally for about 700-800…

1 year ago
by joelkhalu (3 posts)

help picking out new Saxaphone

My daughter is 14 and has been playing the Alto Sax for 3 years now, we are looking to purchase her a new more advanced sa…

1 year ago
by GFC (580 posts)

Why do I squeak @ times?

I have been learning alto sax for 3 months. I have gravitated over from a flute for 18 months. I am self taught on both instr…

1 year ago
by eduardo70 (1 post)
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