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by TXsaxKID11
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17 years ago

*= looking for a recording

im a sophmore in highschool and looking for a good recording of Ingolf Dahl's Sinfonietta for band. The ensemble im in is going to play it and im going to play the big saxophone solo in the 2nd movement and i have just heard some all-state band play it but i was wondering if i could get any help here, to see if ya'll know any recording of cd's or guess some links of a professional band playing of one of yall?

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  1. by The Insomniac Saxman
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    17 years ago

    Re: *= looking for a recording

    There's a recording of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Wind Symphony performing it under the baton of Eugene Corporon. It's on Klavier Records, copyright 1991. The address of the record company on the CD is: Klavier Records P.O. Box 177 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 You may also want to contact CCM if you have trouble tracking it down. I haven't listened to it in years, so I've forgotten how it sounded, but Eugene Corporon is an excellent wind conductor . . .

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