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Soprano Sax in Concert Band/Wind Ensemble

I've been playing for many years and have always loved playing my Soprano in a wind band setting, but unless we're doing a…

4 months ago
by BHound1981

Looking for pro quartet saxophonists


I am looking to start a professional saxophone quartet in the Washington D.C. metro area.  Please e…

4 months ago
by davis.saxophone

Value and Year Made of a Bb Tenor Sax made by Holton

I have a Bb Tenor Sax made by Frank Holton with a serail number of 21542 amd LP below the serial number. I believe it was…

5 months ago
by JJckerions (2 posts)

Unaccompanied Classical Saxophone

I'm looking for some unaccompaied works which are more technical then melodic, and preferabley something from before the 2…

7 months ago
by Zootsax (3 posts)

Strange harmonics notation! Help!

Anyone care to assist ? Its would be greatly appreciated! 

1 year ago
by Steve C (5 posts)

Difficult passage!

help! Tried every way i could think of! where the star is. Thanks in advance! 

1 year ago
by Steve C (5 posts)

bari soprano duet

quick question: a friend of mine mentioned to me that he heard someone perform a duet for soprano and bari that was based…

1 year ago
by steven moeller


One of the best saxophone players I have heard is undoubtedly Ed Fraedrich. His tone is sonrous and full of depth and is cert…

1 year ago
by JSalazar6 (1 post)

What's this brand

I was looking on craigslist for a curved soprano saxophone and unsurprisingly only two result came up in my are one of the…

1 year ago
by mangotessa

Demersseman Fantasie for Alto Sax

I am trying to get sheet music for this. I thought that I got the right stuff but it turns out that its not. I got fantasie o…

1 year ago
by Weezellipz (1 post)

sax and wind ensemble

need a 6-8 minute (listener accessable) piece or mvmt for any sax and band. Not the big heavies either

1 year ago
by Kattamaki (15 posts)

Mouthpiece Reed Combination

Currently, I am playing on a Meyer 5m with a Vandoren Traditional Size 3 on a Reference 54 alto. I'm looking to have a much d…

1 year ago
by Jamrightthen (4 posts)

Concerto Competition

I'm entering a concerto competition this year, and I'm looking for a good concerto to play. Glazunov is very overplayed in…

1 year ago
by Jamrightthen (4 posts)

Taiwan SAHDUOO saxophone and mouthpiece of manufacture factory

We have been manufacturing saxophone and mouthpiece since 1965 year. That is a artistic product, being a scrupulous produc…

2 years ago

Is Concertino Da Camera a decent piece to play for solo and ensemble?

I'm kinda new to this, but my private instructor recently gave me the piece concertino da camera to work on on for my senior…

2 years ago
by Classical (1 post)

Schubert VS. Debussy

I'm audition for 2nd year university in Music on Alto Sax, and I've been perusing around some possible audition rep to wow…

2 years ago
by Adrianne (2 posts)

What pieces are you working on?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm not out to start a bragging contest (even though I have a feeling it will end up there). I'm…

2 years ago
by lilmoose17 (2 posts)

Carl Anton Wirth

I'm looking for this peice called Jephthah By Carl Anton Wirth, but I can't seem to find it anywhere over the internet and th…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (338 posts)

which mouthpiece/reed for legit beginner

I've been playing alto for about 2 years and have messed around with jazz playing using a standard medium lay Yamaha mouthpie…

3 years ago
by Rocky48 (1 post)

Overtones on student alto?

random question from a sax player....I have a yamaha student alto, will this effect my abilities to do overtones? i can only…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (338 posts)

Bach Partita in A minor tips

Wondering if anyone else has played this hellish piece. If so, you can probably understand my need for tips right now.

4 years ago
by Nate931 (2 posts)

Antigua A 460LQ

I trade in vintage trumpets and cornets. My brother-in-law asked me to look for a soprano sax for him for a budget of $500.00…

4 years ago
by entrancing1 (1 post)

Jazz Saxophone & Classical Saxophone: Why The Enmity?

First and foremost, we are all saxophonists. Neither genre is better than the other in any way. That's the beauty of art in g…

4 years ago
by kelsey (834 posts)

Paul Harvey

I'm playing Paul Harvey's concertino for tenor saxophone but I can't find any information on the piece ot the composer. I wou…

5 years ago
by Keith M. Zimmerman (1 post)

RPC mouthpiece question

I was wondering how much these mouthpieces usually run. I was looking at the 115b tenor on the website and there is no price…

5 years ago
by zeekman116 (27 posts)
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