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by cavefish
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20 years ago

yamaha YTS52

how are they as far as an intermediate horn can you still hit all the notes clear thanks

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  1. by Skoolboi
    (9 posts)

    20 years ago

    Re: yamaha YTS52

    decent horn. nice sound. If im note mistaken high f# and rolly thing on the lower keys. Pretty nice horn. If u are a serious player get selmer series 2. at 2600 only probly 500-700 more, but is about the best sounding horn in the world. If ur not serious, then u should get that horn. The yamah allegro is a nice horn too. I think it is a step up from 52. Plz take my advice and get the Selmer. It will last a life time, and is uncomparable most other horns. buy horn from

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