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"Majestic" saxophones in 1974 C. Bruno woodwind catalog section

I know Huettl made the Majestic brasswinds usually, though I'm not sure about the saxophones [Hammerschmidt?] - whole wood…

2 months ago
by ShaunaB1 (0 posts)

Mouthpiece: Barkley pnoir vs Everton supreme Sopran Sax

Mouthpiece: Barkley pnoir vs Everton supreme 

Sorapn Sax
no replies by gmenzani (1 post) 2 months ago

2 months ago
by gmenzani

Building a home-made Soprano Saxophone

The Science Olympiad has a category for musical instruments. I wonder if its possible to build a home-made sax?

2 months ago
by Riyan17 (1 post)

Best saxophone for ballads...


I would like to buy a saxophone for slow romantic ballads. What would you suggest?

I'm lookin…

2 months ago
by Hilpert33 (1 post)

Thoughts on the cannonball alcazar vs Yamaha 480

Hello, seeking advice for a saxophone for my highschooler that focuses on jazz but also does concert band. I'm on a budget…

2 months ago
by jesse628wallick (1 post)

Favorite Saxophone players? Also general chat thread.

ZC stands for Zelda Classic

USA stands for United States of America

RPGs stands for Role Playing Gam…

3 months ago
by andrea924breaux (1 post)

Lignatone brochure & catalogs

Not sure if the prior one was seen, so here it is again - 

I've got a ca. 1964 Lignatone saxophone brochure i…

4 months ago
by VintageCatalogs (5 posts)

What kind of saxophone do I have?

Hello! I am new in this forum as well as in this world of wind instruments.


I recently got my hands…

6 months ago
by [email protected] (3 posts)

My daughter needs the money.

Hi, can anyone please help. We bought a new saxophone for my daughter in 1996 when she was 14 and she then promptly discov…

7 months ago
by Ghostler (12 posts)

Beginner sax- Foam in throat?

Hi, I've been playing sax for around 3 months now and I have noticed when I'm playing for more than half an hour I'm getti…

7 months ago
by Ghostler (12 posts)

Karl meyer tenor sax value

Hello all. I have a Karl Meyer tenor sax that I bought second hand in 1982. I imagine that it was at least ten years older…

7 months ago
by fieldspring

1920's Fox Trot Dance Band Music

I have run across a stack of dance band music my late father had from a dance band he belonged to, probably around 1930. Most…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Need advice

My teen son has been playing a Bueschler True Tone alto sax serial number 105916 that was his great grandfathers and now h…

11 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Conn 6 m

I'm a new retiree looking to downsize. Found my old 1972 Conn alto 6m serial number C26554. I played in high school and co…

1 year ago
by Ghostler (12 posts)

Famous Saxophonist by Balenciaga

How many saxophonist can You name? There are 17 in this video.

1 year ago
by Ghostler (12 posts)

Bass saxophone music sheet

Hello everyone,

I would like to join a concert band to play bass saxophone. Unfortunately, the musical arrangement…

1 year ago
by Ghostler (12 posts)

"... previously unheard live recordings by John Coltrane"

July ca…

1 year ago
by RobertD (73 posts)

JJ Babbitt Otto Link Facings Evidently they dont play sax

There is a group of New in the box Super Tone Master tenor pieces on eBay with facings as high as NY 18.I checked with Eri…

1 year ago
by historicsaxwhisperer


What did y'all name your sax? I named mine 'Saxy Lady' ????

2 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)


Hi thank you for adding me. I am looking at modes but am confussed. So this is how i am working them out at the…

2 years ago
by jazzmansax

Conn Tenor Sax and Alto Sax value

Hi!  I just spent an hour looking around this site and I believe we have:

1946 10M Naked Lady Tenor Sax 31…

2 years ago
by SusanF (2 posts)

Circular Breathing

Ok, i've heard about circular breathing from other players and such, and i know its very hard, but i really wanna learn since…

2 years ago
by mainbatau (0 posts)

Rex Saxophone


Bought this Rex Sax today.   Any information greatly appreciated. 


2 years ago
by corpblues

New to the music world

Hey You !

I'm a beginner, starting out w…

2 years ago
by puananiila99 (0 posts)

What saxophone should i buy as a beginner?

Good morning,
Saxophone is a musical instrument that is probably not unfamiliar to many people. And for me, it's a bi…

2 years ago
by Skylight2512 (1 post)
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