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by MentaGranizada
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6 months ago

What kind of saxophone do I have?

Hello! I am new in this forum as well as in this world of wind instruments.


I recently got my hands on a Maxtone Saxophone, supposedly Taiwanese. It closely resembles a Selmer MK VII in appearance. According to the previous owner it is from the 80's. I know what needs repairs but I would like to know how much my Sax should be valued.


My questions are: What exact Maxtone model is it? Is this model good quality? Is it worth fixing?


The luthier who saw it doesn't know this brand, but he told me that it has nickel in it, that the weight is good, and that it doesn't seem to be Chinese.


I appreciate his time. Thank you so much

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  1. by MentaGranizada
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    6 months ago

    Re: What kind of saxophone do I have?

    I almost for got it. Im from Argentina. Sorry for my english

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  2. by Ghostler
    (12 posts)

    6 months ago

    Re: What kind of saxophone do I have?

    ¡Bienvenido al foro, MentaGranizada! Welcome to the forum! Comprenda el idioma inglés muy bueno, no veo un problema. You understand English very well, I don't see a problem. Tengo amigos en Argentina. I have friends in Argentina.

    No estoy familiarizado con ese modelo de saxofón, Maxtone. I am not familiar with the Maxtone. Tengo dos saxofonos hecho en Taiwán, ambos Antigua Winds, calidad alta. I have two saxophones from Taiwan, both Antigua Winds. They are very good quality. Esa saxofón alto tocaba muy bueno, mismo igual a mi Yamaha YAS-61 profesional. The alto plays as well as my old Yamaha YAS-61 professional alto.

    También, tengo un Vito saxofón tenor de LeBlanc, posiblemente a mismo año de su Maxtone. Also I have a LeBlanc Vito tenor saxophone, probably same year made as your Maxtone. No sé quién lo hizo, pero creo que fue Jupiter en Taiwán. I do not know who made it, but my think it was Jupiter in Taiwan.

    La historia del negocio es encontrado al enlace, a history of the company is found at:

    Si el instrumento se puede tocar, ¿lo te gusta tocar? If the instrument is still playable, do you like how it plays? Si estás aprendiendo, ¿puedes tener un maestro tocarlo? If you are learning, can you have a teacher to play it? Si le gusta, entonces es un buen instrumento. if they like it, then it is a good instrument.

    Por otro lado, los saxofonos hecho in Chino varían entre bueno a mal. On the other hand, instruments made in mainland China vary from good to bad. Algunos estaban saxofonos de calidad excelente, mientras otros, no. Some are quality saxophones, others are not. Tengo dos saxofonos de Venus, un alto y un tenor, ambos estaban tocar muy buenos, mejor que la calidad principiante. I have a Venus tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone. They both play very well, good intermediate quality instruments.

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