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by Fatboywoods
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10 years ago

Wireless Mic-Samson Concert 77

Right now, I'm playing bari in a local ska band. Basically, I'd like a wireless clip-on mic. It doesn't have to be the best, but something that'll sound decent, that would screw up on me, and that will pick up all my notes. I was looking at the Samson Concert 77 wireless horn mic. Anyone have experience with this, or have an alternative? I'd like the price to be the same or less than the Concert 77. Thanks!

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  1. by joeConnMan
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    10 years ago

    Re: Wireless Mic-Samson Concert 77

    I love my Sennheiser Evolution wireless. Steel construction and zero interferance. hundreds of available frequency settings. You must mate it up with the 908 BEW clip on mic. but this will be the last one you will need. With 2 AA Energizer lithium batteries you can get 3-1/2 gigs out of it before changing batteries. Adjustable output with 1/4 " and xlr output jacks (run one to the board and one to your amp) shopzilla around - I got my total set up online for Half of List price. Around $600 bucks U.S. a few years ago. Still Flawless. I can now never go back to the 421 although I still have a couple of them. Good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good. My old 8 piece Art Of Fact band had matching plastic Shures in the early ninties and they could not handle the wear and tear of regular bar gigging. This Sennheiser works Great and tone is Excellant!

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