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Tenor Sax Questions

I am currently investing into my tenor sax and I have an Otto link New York model mouthpiece for a bright and sharp tone,…

1 week ago
by Lucasguy11

Ligature sizes?

A while ago I bought a Claude Lakey Apollo 7* and recently bought a ligature for it. Rover Dark 2R. But the ligature is mu…

2 weeks ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Brilhart Tonalin great neck alto mouthpiece 5 digit number

I have a Brilhat Tonalin great neck alto saxophone mouthpiece 5 digit number and was wondering any information as year mad…

1 month ago
by blues777

yss end plug

Where can I buy an end plug for a Yamaha 675 soprano sax. I, at present, am useing a cut down wine cork??? 

1 month ago
by kelsey

Saxophone Case Questionaire

Hey guys, I am an engineering student at Blue Springs High School And me and my partner decided that we wanted to see if w…

2 months ago
by Yendis

need to know about buying a sax from this place:

the name of this place is

2 months ago
by mr.l (5 posts)

Any recommendations for A mouthpiece?

I am an 8th grader currently on my third year of playing. I am starting to move to a higher level and in search of a mouth…

2 months ago
by mr.l (5 posts)

C soprano sax?

Not that I want one, but do they make a soprano sax in C? I already have enough trouble with my Yamaha 675 soprano in Bb,…

2 months ago
by kelsey (863 posts)

F. E. Olds Alto Sax

I actually bought an F. E. Olds NA63J PRO model, Series 2000 Alto Sax... and LOVE IT... has anyone else out there tried it an…

2 months ago
by edward.biged (2 posts)

Otto link issues

hey guys. About 4 weeks ago I ordered a Otto link Bari metal mouthpeice. My band director wanted me to order it mainly for…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

I need HELP!

Sophomore in high school.

In marching band.

Need help finding a good mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds.

4 months ago
by JWilliams (3 posts)

Selmer VII Tenor?

I have read some really mixed opinions on the Selmer VII sax. I am in the market for a tenor, and have been play testing t…

5 months ago
by HappySax (22 posts)

Old Otto Link mouthpiece

A friend of mine purchased an old beat up 19-teens Buescher horn (neck piece has a huge crack) to decorate his new living…

5 months ago
by gtzippy (2 posts)

Your jazz setup . . .

Tell me what your current jazz setup is (sax, mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds) and also what its up and downs are and how wel…

5 months ago
by buckeye808 (1 post)

Do mouthpieces work on all or most Tenors?

So I'm relativley new to Saxs, because I normally play Bass Clarinet and I joined our school jazz band, and my band teache…

5 months ago
by kelsey (863 posts)

Suggestions for recording equipment to aid in learning

Hi, does any one have any suggestions for recording equipment to help in playing/playback for learning and practice p…

7 months ago
by freediver (3 posts)

chinese saxophones

  Are there any sax players out there playing with chinese made instruments ?  if so, would like to hear from &n…

7 months ago
by Slab Hardcheese (3 posts)

I Need Help

Hi, I need a saxaphone equipment overhaul.

Details about me / Things to keep in mind:

  • 5 Year Experie…

  • 9 months ago
    by GFC (499 posts)

    Synthetic for Marching Band

    I am Sophmore in Highschool and i usually play on a synthetic fibereed size 3.5. I have been playing with this reed for ab…

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)

    Need Info On Sax

    Hi, I have a saxophone that was passed down to me through family. On the bell it says THE GREAT GRETSCH AMERICA. The s/n i…

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)

    Meyer Metal Mouthpiece Ligature

    I purchased a 7J Meyer metal mouthpiece for my alto about a year ago. I absolutely love this mouthpiece, but I've found th…

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)


    Help please!!!!!!!!!!! 
    What is the Brightest, Jazziest and Most-Through mouthpiece metal or hard rubber mouthpi…

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)


    I just want some input on mouthpieces. I recently purchased a  Cannonball Big Bell Stone series " Raven " alto and I…

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)

    Is a 3.5 reed strength to stiff for me?

    I found my sound bursting on 3s. Should I go stiffer or just learn to play softer. (I am in a middle school band)

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)

    My new reeds sound airy and spitty.

    My new reeds sound airy and spitty. My older ones (which come from the same box) sound just fine.

    9 months ago
    by Maestro.58 (9 posts)
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