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9 years ago

Guitar effects pedals and Saxophones

Hi all: new to the group here.....I've been playing for over 20 years now and lately I've been shellin' out bucks to make my long time dream of using guitar effects pedals on stage come true. It's an enormous plus, sounds outrageously groovy, but I'm workin out the kinks. I use a digital delay and harmonizer/octaver, an and enveloper which works as a breath controlled wah wah. The thing I've been aching to realize is the use of a distortion pedal. I can, with head phones get this hard to believe Steve Vai type sound with it but so far there's no such such things as playing it thru an amp or a P.A. with out mind-wrenching feed fack. I play in a hard working band...(Steve McLain & th Jefferson County Green Band) and am trying to take it higher and add new and groovy ideas without being a hassle on stage. Any idea's?

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  1. by saxophonist_104
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    9 years ago

    Re: Guitar effects pedals and Saxophones

    my boss thought about using a flange (i think is what it's called). it makes a bunch of crazy, psychadelic sounds that is just like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.

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