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Hello everyone,

I believe I've come to this site many times in the past mainly for searches. This time I've regist…

5 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

--- Hello, from Mexico City, Mexico ---

Hello, everyone... I'm Karenina Wolff, from Mexico City, Mexico, and I'm 39 years old. My cousin Priscila Armenta plays th…

7 months ago
by Karenina Wolff

Hello everyone!

Hi! I'm a newbie at this forum.
Have a great week!

1 year ago
by classic3009 (0 posts)

New to Sax and the forum

Hi everyone,
I've really wanted to learn to play saxophone for years and I'm trying to make steps to make it a realit…

1 year ago
by kavyaarora (0 posts)

Welcome !!!

Good morning to all forum members!

My name is Adam, I play in the deteive orchestra of the Volunteer Fire Brigade…

1 year ago
by kavyaarora (0 posts)

New kid on the block, ok, not a kid!

Greetings Peeps 
And hello from sunny Cyprus. Just found this orgust site, and thought I would jump aboard. I am…

1 year ago
by Saxualviking

Do professional sax player still bite harder in the high register

I'm new here, thank you for accepting me. I've played amateurly for 5 years now, played an hour a day or so. I still bite…

2 years ago
by Njato

Learning about my inherited Sax!

I was always a trumpeter, but recently inherited a Sax that has been in my family since the end of WWII (or at least so th…

2 years ago
by Smattson

Need advise whether Alto or Tenor to begin.

Heyy I'm in my early twenties and I can not make up my mind which one should i buy and start with, Tenor or Alto? As its g…

2 years ago
by Septic (2 posts)

Hi from a neighbourly challenged old Muso..

Hi all..

Many thanks for accepting me into the fold..

My musical tastes and collection of instrument…

2 years ago
by Septic

come from Greece

Hi I come from Greece, Syros Island! I started alto saxophone 3 months ago!I can play register flute, clarinet, trumpet, h…

2 years ago
by Tamble88 (0 posts)

Hi form Brazil

Hey guys,
Im from Brazil. im a trumpet player learning saxophone. Just found this forum and it will be very resoursef…

2 years ago
by benediniz

Hello, from Colombia

Hello Everyone, 
no replies by Guillo (1 post) 2 years ago

2 years ago
by Guillo

Hi! Trying just to get started.

Hello! I'm getting on in years; at home on SS; wanting to try saxophone. I traded an electric guitar for a Bundy alto sax.…

2 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

New to saxophone

Hi all,
Glad to be here. 
Jim from Metro Detroit. Have been playing trumpet for seven years. Want to learn…

2 years ago
by Mpe1610 (0 posts)

Greetings from South Jersey


Hello my name is Jacob, I happy I found this forum.


3 years ago
by furinkasan
3 years ago
by furinkasan (5 posts)

Conn gold plated alto sax c42250 with shooting stars

My conn serial number does not seem to match any I have read about in your forum. Looks more like a 14M than anything else I…

3 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Hi from a newbie!

Hi all! Newbie here. I can't remember when I last joined a forum but I'm glad I've found this site. In this age of social…

3 years ago
by itsax

Shamelessly Looking for Ohio Sax Play - A Soul Blues Rock SAX

Hi - I am Karla and I joined this forum to learn about my FIL's older sax (he left us) and to find a new SAX player for ou…

3 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Returning to Sax

Morning All,
After over 10 years of no sax I bought another one a couple of weeks ago to " start again" and glad I di…

3 years ago
by Skeggy Vegas

Otto link tone edge

Good day, would anyone we able to tell me around what year this was made?


3 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (641 posts)

Mouthpiece exercises

Good day members, 

I've been doing some mouthpiece exercises lately and I read that the recommended pitch…

3 years ago
by jerome87tenor (10 posts)

Saxophone mouthpiece

Good day members thanks for the add. I’m trying to get some information on two old mouthpieces. A berg Larsen rubber…

3 years ago
by jerome87tenor (10 posts)

Hello, and lower B, A, G not working and playing one note

I live in beautiful Margate UK. 

About 30 years I was learning my B-Flat Tenor sax, and could p…

3 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)
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