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Introducing myself

Hello Everyone, 
I am Sandy, I live in the UK and just joined this site.

I play the alto and Tenor S…

4 days ago
by Saxophonelady


Started playing the sax in 5th grade and was okay. However, life took over and I got away from playing until my son starte…

2 weeks ago
by Nirved05 (0 posts)

Sticky Pads

Hello Everyone,  I live in Panama and we are limited as to what brand of sax we can purchase here.  I haven't pl…

3 weeks ago
by rurusax (4 posts)

new saxophone player, learning the alto now

hi new to saxophone,

learning now, hopefully i will be able to learn Jingle bell by Xmas (yes this is the first so…

1 month ago
by funnyjokes (0 posts)


My name is Steve. I am a lover of all things sax! I hope to learn from everyone and to have something to contribute.

3 months ago
by myalto

Hello everyone

I am going to return to playing the Sax as a neighbor me a LaMonte that her deceased husband played. I have to take it apa…

3 months ago
by quitude07 (0 posts)


Hi, my name is David.

I've been playing the alto for about 22 years. I've always loved it.

I love th…

4 months ago
by myramenneighbor (2 posts)

Hello all

Hello all,

As an amateur trumpet player, I might be a bit out of place.
But as a dad who's oldest son is sta…

5 months ago
by trumpetdad


Hello members, 

My name is Adam. I am currently a graduate student who is completing a Maste…

5 months ago
by Sara05 (0 posts)


My name is Charlie, I am new here, I have recently started back up on the alto sax after about 35 years after I walked awa…

5 months ago
by feguy1


Hi.  I'm Jim Crutchfield.  I live in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, and I've been taking sax lessons for about a…

5 months ago
by jdcrutch

Sax player dad ^^


I'm french bass player, and dad of teen sax player
He's learnin sax since 5 years now and love to play…

6 months ago
by RobertD (59 posts)

New Member

I am going to return to playing the Sax as a neighbor me a LaMonte that her deceased husband played. I have to take it apa…

6 months ago
by arnoldzippo

Extremely New Player

Hi, I'm Matt, and I want to learn to play the saxophone, so I thought to research as many resources as I could.

6 months ago
by RobertD (59 posts)

Sax Covers

Hey there!!! I'm new here!! I love this site! I would love to share my music with all of you! I'm doing sax covers every w…

6 months ago
by Mr Esteban Sax


Hi everyone I'm the newbie my name is Cynthia n i'm wanting to learn about the saxophone. I'm from The Valley Of The Sun!!…

7 months ago
by Canezcynthia


Hi all 

Just registered and probably a grade 3/4 alto.

My other passion is the 3 Chihuahuas ???…

7 months ago
by Teeniemanx


Hello, everyone

I am a new Member and I am very happy to participate in the Forum with you.


7 months ago
by Cosmo08 (0 posts)


hello everyone im looking for a tenor to learn to play ive played one back in school except that was a long time ago hopef…

7 months ago
by RobertD (59 posts)

Former bassoonist learning sax

Hi everyone, I am a high school student and former bassoonist learning sax on my own. I'm interested in learning more from…

8 months ago
by krohnm100 (5 posts)

New member, french custom mouthpiee designer!

Hello everybody,
no replies by Maxime Carron (2 posts) 8 months ago

8 months ago
by Maxime Carron

New member, first time poster

Hello All. I'm a sax player, teacher and sax care product maker from Seattle. I began playing the sax when I was 10 yrs ol…

9 months ago
by rurusax

Cannonball Sax's

There is a brand of saxophones called Cannonball, I'm not sure if it's in any relation to Cannonball Aderly. I have never act…

10 months ago
by SaxManTrevor (3 posts)

Realistic Value of Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Raven

Good Evening Everyone, I am the mother of a talented teenager who wanted to make a change from playing bass clarinet to teno…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (284 posts)

New Member sayin' hello!

My name is Rob, from Ohio U.S. I'm playin a Tenor Selmer BundyII with a Dukoff H8 mouthpiece and
a Rovner ligature, v…

10 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (284 posts)
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