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9 years ago

Conn Alto Sax

I bought an alto saxophone for my daughter to play in her school band... I am interested in selling it but I'm not sure how much it is worth.. I was told by a music store, where I paid $600 to have it redone, that I should have it insured for 2-4,000$. I had it re-padded and re-pearled and I had the silver redone on it even tho there are a couple of spots on it that where too bad and the silver didn't cover it. The saxophone is silver, it is made by C.G. CONN LTD. in Elkhart ind. and the serial number is: patd.dec.8.1914 1119954 A 72253 L I'm not able to find these serial numbers on any websites, any helpful information would be appreciated. Thank You!!

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    9 years ago

    Re: Conn Alto Sax

    I believe I just sent you an email. The saxophone that you have is a Conn New Wonder series I horn. It was made in Elkhart, Indiana in 1921-1922. It should have rolled tone holes, and most likely has a micro tuner neck. Silver was the most common finish. There were some significant changes made in 1922 to the keywork on this horn to improve intonation and clarity, particularly the left hand cluster and "A". Though these horns are not as valuable as the later New Wonder Series II or M series horns, they are easy blowing and have a nice, lush tone. Many players consider them to be a little too "antique". The intonation is good, but quirky. These horns play best with an open, large-chambered mouthpiece. The ergonomics are fair and the action is clunky and cumbersome. Still, in the hands of an experienced player, they sound incredible. Value of these horns really depends on the condition/ Even in excellent condition, they're not bringing as much as you might hope. I have several Conn saxophones of this vintage as they truely are among my favorites. Jim

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