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10 years ago

Yamha G1 necks. pros and cons

Lately those yamaha pro saxes have been equipped with the G1 necks. Some people are complaining about it. Some aren't. I just wish to know your opinions about those necks. Thank YOU!

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  1. by krzykrn88
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    10 years ago

    Re: Yamha G1 necks. pros and cons

    I have had many different experience with the G1 necks. Here are the three I tried. I have a old 62, so my comparison will be based on its 62 classic neck 1. very first G1 from yamaha mark 2 62: too bright, easy to play, but not worth sacrificing ease of playing for the lacking tone quality. 2. updated G1 from yamaha mark 2 62 silver: too open. It may be my difficulty controlling it, but it made my tone too airy. does not have the fatness or softness in tone. too edgy and bright. really thin playing at upper register. easy, i admit 3. g1 from yamaha 82z custom: fat, yet powerful, bright tone. very easy to play with, especially with altissimo range. However, I found the lack of warmth i had in my classic 62 neck. I actually contacted yamaha USA regarding similar question, and to ask for price (for i wanted to get one of those customized, gold plated ones), and to compare with their m1s and g3s. Even the yamaha representative agreed that g1 is deemed most open, and sometimes, too open for some people to control them well. I personally think newer yamahas do not have the weight, and the soft, warmthness from the older one. considering that 62 classic neck is 135 bucks, while g1 is at least 200, i say classic neck is the better of the choice, and quite cheap for a pro horn neck.

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