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6 years ago

Hello Saxophone Lovers and Players

I'm "introducing" myself to you. I am a saxophonist and I do think a lot about sound and how to improve it. Recently I purchased mouthpieces for my soprano and tenor saxophones. In each case, I wanted to go for more warmth and control. I had been feeling like wide tip openings were taking away an important aspect of my sound: its warmth and overall beauty. Although,many folks complement me on my sound, I felt like I was too Sonny Rollanish (big and wide). I still want "big," but I also want a lot of warmth (a la Joe Henderson). If anyone wants to suggest a mouthpiece (especially, for my tenor, i would appreciate it. i am playing on a "Bergonzi" slant supreme 7* hard rubber. It's also possible that I haven't been playing this piece long enough to really get the sound I want (I just got it.). Myothermouthpiece is a metal Rousseau 9. The Rousseau is great for old school R & B, but again, it's sound is too ballsy for my way of approaching jazz and Brazilian music. Any ideas or thoughts?

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