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by scm2012
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11 years ago

Total Newbie

I am new to this forum and totally new to the saxophone.

I play or play around with a lot of instruments -- but up till now no wind instruments unless you count a harmonica or shofar.

My wife is taking piano lessons, I thought it would be fun to learn a new instrument along with her.

I decided on saxophone for a bunch of reasons:
Its totally differnt from my other instruments (which are mostly string instruments).
My wife called dibs on the piano.
My friends I jam with are all guitars -- we need something different, and good for blues.
Clarinet was out because with the other group I play with we already have one.
Trumpet would be cool, but piano and trumpet duets?

That plus saxes sound so great said go for the sax.

So i rented one, signed up for lessons and have been playing it for 3 days now.  Its been total fun, though I know there is a lot of learning in front of me.


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