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by czlsax
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5 years ago


I have been playing the alto saxophone for almost 10 years and I have just found out that I play out of tune. If I move registers it becomes very sharp, so I change my embouchure which seems to work when I have a tuner however it is so difficult to change after 10 years of playing wrong. How can I make it eaiser? I really want to be able to play well with great tone. Please help me play in tune! 

Thank you!  

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  1. by peter090
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    5 years ago

    Re: Tuning

    Assuming there is no mechanical problem with the horn, my guess is that your embouchure is too tight and/or you are taking in too little mouthpiece.

    Try playing just the mouthpiece and compare the pitch when the registers are "in tune" to your normal embouchure.  

    When you find that pitch practice holding it with just the mouthpiece for a few minutes a day. Then go to some long tones concentrating on the embouchure.

    It shouldn't take that long to correct if you go slow and concentrate on just the one correction.

    You should not have to change embouchure through the registers to play in tune.


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