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by PhillipS.
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4 years ago

Memorization Pieces

So I'm looking to add something new the collection of pieces I've memorized. I know Careless Whisper, Rock Around the Clock, and Jingle Bell Rock. I need something new, I play a lot when I have free time and I'm looking for a great new piece thats catchy, well known, and smooth. Anybody have any suggestion on websites or pieces? I'd like them to be free, a sax repair took a chunk out of my wallet, I'm looking for anything except more spending.

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  1. by kelsey
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    4 years ago

    Re: Memorization Pieces

    Listen to a song you want to learn and then try to find that song on your horn by useing your ear. It may take some time at first but as you learn to do it gets easier and easier!

    Barry Kelsey

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