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by jcookschillin
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10 years ago

I'm as green as they come...

Hey everybody and thanks for reading my post.

Its great to be here. I just picked up my first Alto sax. Was holding out to grab a tenor first but couldn't find one in the deal I was making so its Alto for now.


I have a few observations I've noticed from different players around the interweb and would just like some clarifications if you would about what I'm hearing.


I noticed that newbies seem to blow into their sax to make a quick sound and they go through a song real quickly to get it right so to speak. The difference is a seasoned player plays the sax with flavor. The notes are eased into and flow natural as if the sax was playing itself. a seasoned player has alot of vibrato in their tones compared to a newbie. I have also noticed a raspy sound from a player compared to a newbie?

I guess what I am asking are these some things I should be learning as I go along or is playing notes and learning songs the best approach in the beginning and then later on worry about vibrato and holding notes longer or shorter to get that swag if you will?



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  1. by kelsey
    (930 posts)

    10 years ago

    Re: I'm as green as they come...

    Jamie, find an teacher. If you do it will save you lots of time and answer your questions.....Kelsey

    Barry Kelsey

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  2. by GFC
    (842 posts)

    10 years ago

    Re: I'm as green as they come...

    Here's a link to a really good portal for free and paid online lessons if for some reason you can't hook up with a local teacher.  You can do lessons with skype if you want the type of feedback you get with live lessons. 

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