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by F1sh
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19 years ago

Mouthpiecea, where to start.

I'm looking to pick the tenor back up after 10 years. I want to get a decent metal and hard rubber mouthpiece. The metal is the most important. I do have a tight budget as well so im looking for value, but i'm not affraid to save up a bit longer and pay for quality. I'll be playing rock, jazz and blues. Thanks, Ernie

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  1. by Hexaclon
    (90 posts)

    19 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiecea, where to start.

    Well man...I really dont no mutch but, I would say that it would not be good for you to start off again with a metal mouthpiece. I think first you have to start off with a basic mouthpiece, round chamber nobafle, to make your embochure (not spelled right) without habing any complications. Latter on you can move to a more complicated mouthpiece. At leat thats what I think. Hope I helped -Hex

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    1. by chiamac
      (586 posts)

      19 years ago

      Re: Mouthpiecea, where to start.

      In my humble opinon... yes what Hex said was right on, BUT I'll take the other view to this... get yourself a good metal piece, just remeber not to use it for a concert until you're tone and embochure (not spelled right) is ready. I happened on to a vintage florida link 8* in my freshmen year of high school. By my junior year I was just screaming on the thing. I would also save up (at least a few hundred) for a good piece. You may not spend all that, but it's nice to have a lot of options open.

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