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by mgasax
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13 years ago

Case for conn c melody sax

Hi, I'm trying to find an original case for a Conn New Wonder c-melody sax. I picked one up at a yard sale for $10 and it didn't have a case. Please email me at

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    13 years ago

    Re: Case for conn c melody sax

    I think there is one modern C-Melody case available ( I looked into this by special order from my local music store), but they cost around $200. My recommendation is to use a regular tenor case and put a tenor-size HW Padsaver in the body when you store it in the case. That will stabilize the horn sufficiently. Do not use the LaVoz brand padsaver as the fibers are too dense and it doesn't go easily into the body - particularly the narrower receiver on the C-Mel. They don't go easily into Bb tenors, either, for that matter.

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