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by HYK
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14 years ago

Best classical reed?

Ok here goes. I am using a V16 on a C* with a Selmer Super action series II model 52. I think the C* is awesome with classical and a Selmer super action series II but the V16. I feel that they are very good cos it has great projection and the tone produced is quite alright. Would it be better if I change to traditional again?

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  1. by YanagisawA-901
    (312 posts)

    14 years ago

    Re: Best classical reed?

    id say no.. if u like the setup.. and ur pleased with it.. why the f*ck u thinkn about changin it?? to fit in the with "legit crowd"!?!?!? yes?!? if it has great projection, a great tone.. why u thinkn bout changin it bro?? stick with the v16, i liked them when i tried em ... but i went back to my javas cuz im cruddy and dont care bout my legit band in school.. i care about jazz haha.. lataa!!

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    1. by selmer 4evr
      (309 posts)

      14 years ago

      Re: Best classical reed?

      Try to get yourself 1 box of Omegas ( they are u cuts and were made for classical only ) from SELMER I can help here then look for something that mimicks the sound but at least you will have a standard to go from

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