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Hi Everyone!
My name is Louise, I'm 33 and live in Melbourne Australia. For years I have enjoyed listening to the sax, and have always thought i wish i could play that, but never had the courage and assumed i would suck at it. After a recent breakup, i needed something to keep me occupied to not fall in a heap. Which led me to buy a second hand sax. To my surprise, good surprise i can actually create some nice sounds. After stalking these forums i have nutted out a few things, and purchased a different mouth piece, experimented with different reeds, and even saved my self some money when i thought my octave key was out (turns out my embochure wasn't at all I have been playing/self teaching myself for 3 weeks now. I had to learn how to read music, which i thought would be difficult but have picked it up pretty easily Doing excercises out of a couple of books i bought i found to my surprise that once i realised i was playing a particular song i could get the melody right etc.. the songs i dont know are a little harder as i dont know the beat but i am getting there. I downloaded sheet music for beauty and the beast by disney and can almost play the entire piece through after 2 days!! It is so satisfying and i am loving it! I am a chef so work pretty crazy hours and have only been able to teach myself a couple of times a week for about an hour or so.. so i think i am doing pretty well for a beginner. I love it! And my cat's don't run away which surely must be a good sign lol! 

Anyways, i just wanted to introduce myself and say hello, and thanks for all of the tips in various threads!

I am playing an Alto by the way 

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  1. by mijderf
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    Re: Hellooo!

    Great to hear that you are enjoying your new sax.  Reading music is pretty fundamental, but it is shocking how many in today's world don't bother to learn how to sight read, so it is very commendable that you have decided to learn to read music, not just play by ear.
    You mention embouchure, and it is a bit tricky to learn on your own.  There are a number of youtube videos that show the proper embouchure, so you might want to check them out.  However, you can only go so far without proper instruction.  So if you find that you have some long term interest in playing, I recommend that you get a teacher.  

    If you want your cats to run away (or show her teeth to you like ours does) try playing a tenor! 

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