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19 years ago

MK VI for sale (possibly)

I have this Bari, 1955 low-A MK VI (sn 59xxx). Its a great playing horn, although intonation is a tad iffy at spots and few notes in upper register sound a lil stuffy, but both problems could be venting issues. Yes, it was re-lac'd, but only about 5% of which remains. After getting a killer deal on a Yamaha 52 Bari/Conn 10m Tenor (both just over-hauled) and a fixer-upper Buesher stencil, I juggling with the idea of down-grading my Bari to gain two great horns. I haven't desided 100% yet though if I'm going to sell, and no Idea what I'm going to sell it for. But if anybody here might be interested, e-mail me and I'll give you the history of the Bari, pics of the horn itself, and any other info you might want.

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