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My 3 month progress on the saxophone video.

Hi Guys. I just made a Video documenting my progress learning to play the saxophone.
no replies by coin777 (2 posts) 3 years ago

3 years ago
by coin777

Vintage Instrument Yard Sale June 12 and 13

June 12&13 8:30-5:00. Piccolos to Sousaphones. 250+ Instruments. Playable to Wall Art. From $5. Parts. Clarinets, Trum…

3 years ago
by FairOaksSaxes

does anybody know this song?

hello, my name is Ale. i listend to a saxophone' song about 12 years ago and i'd like to know who sings it. the song was duo,…

3 years ago
by landstuhl (1 post)

candy dulfer - for the love of you play along

Hola amigos, alguien tendra la pista del tema dulce dulfer - por el amor de ti, ¿juegas junto?

4 years ago
by Javy1972

Hello from ProSaxTips

Hello everyone :-)  Zach here, I've been playing saxophone for 32+ years, teaching privately for 22+ years, high scho…

4 years ago
by ProSaxTips

How difficult is the saxophone?

no replies by mervinrasquinha (1 post) 4 years ago

4 years ago
by mervinrasquinha

New member from Toronto Canada

I thought since I spend so much time reading the forums on this site, I should join.
I am getting interested in saxop…

5 years ago
by Crash480

Just a question about this site

How will the lack of flash support in browsers affect this site? It looks like it is mostly HTML based, but I noticed the…

5 years ago
by F35H

2019 San Jose Saxophone Christmas

An F.Y.I. for those that might be in the San Jose, CA area - our 26th annual San Jose Saxophone Christmas is scheduled for…

5 years ago
by saxphon

Jazz Saxophone Duets

I write jazz duets for saxophone which can be found here:

I would love your opinion on t…

5 years ago
by Saxophone125 (3 posts)

Mohegan Sun Casini gig

I will be making a return engagement with Rick K and the Allnighters at the Wolf Den in the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville…

5 years ago
by erttools (0 posts)

Oleg tenor saxophone for sale!

If anyone is interested in a quality professional tenor consider an Oleg horn. This horn has increadible intonation and a smo…

5 years ago
by saxybill1 (8 posts)

New blogpost!

Hi there,

here's a new blogpost of mine about....well...playing music and practising in general.


6 years ago
by Azimmd29 (0 posts)

Saxperience Stroomopwaarts (Upstream)

I am not sure how many dutch member there are on this forum.

This is a call for saxophone players in my nabourhood…

6 years ago
by cleanfresh (0 posts)

Identifying a smooth jazz track, help please?

One of my biggest passions are old steam trains, and then there's my other love, smooth jazz.
Several months ago I c…

6 years ago
by JDC1991

Brass Metal?


Hi all,

I'm looking for a sax player(s) who is up for joining a band that i…

7 years ago
by Wamwal

The 5-minute-workout

Hi there, I just launched a new blogpost!


7 years ago
by grosskopf


Hi there, I just released the english version of my video on improvisation "7Steps" plus the ebook. You can either purchas…

7 years ago
by grosskopf

Saxquest Horn of the Week

Hey everyone, Saxquest is going to start doing a featured horn of the week again to show case the inventory we have that i…

7 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Saxquest Trivia Contest

Hey out there to every saxophone fan.  Just wanted to make a quick post to remind everyone that does a t…

8 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)



This Saturday April 2…

8 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

Unique saxophone photo

I wish to share with everyone a truly unique saxophone photograph that I took in '76 or '77.



8 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

New Video and Album

Hi there everyone.

I have just put out a new album with my band Partikel and we have made a video out of one of…

8 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

Easy Visual Fingering Charts to learn the Saxophone Scales


I would like to announce that I've developed visual scales charts that lay out the MAJOR, Minor, and blu…

8 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)

Get ready for Christmas with my brand new Play-along-album :)

Ho Ho hoooo ;)

The holidays are coming again. And what's nicer than performing a few Christmas favourites with/for…

8 years ago
by Decarder0 (0 posts)
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