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6 years ago

Identifying a smooth jazz track, help please?

One of my biggest passions are old steam trains, and then there's my other love, smooth jazz.
Several months ago I came across a video on You Tube that by chance brought the two together.  It's a long video of Walt Disney World's Railroad at the Magic Kingdom in Florida, and a portion of it was filmed from the Contemporary Resort which plays smooth jazz in its exterior areas and from there has great views of the Magic Kingdom as well as the trains chugging around the bend on their way to Main Street Station. In that particular segment, two different smooth jazz tracks can be heard clearly. I was able to identify the first track as The Emerald Sunrise by Kim Pensyl, but unfortunately I have yet to identify the second one that is played right after. This is the track that I find to be out of this world, if only I knew the title and artist. Here is a link to that video:

The segment of the video I'm talking about starts at 1:32, this is where The Emerald Sunrise by Kim Pensyl is heard until 1:58 when the mystery track starts and is heard for about a minute and a half until 2:39.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a full track list anywhere of that particular loop of area music. I read on another forum having to do with the different area music of the Disney parks and resorts that the loop is about three hours long which might explain why a track list is not readily available. The area music loop seems to consist of a solid collection of late '80s- early '90s smooth jazz tracks, which for the Contemporary resort is not surprising. Any help or input is greatly appreciated as I've been trying to I.D. this track for almost a year now.

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