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by Jordan123
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3 years ago

Picking the sax back up


I used to play the alto sax, doing exams and completing up to grade 6 during secondary school/college, and still have my yamaha. In the 5 ish years since then I completely stopped playing, but I"m now keen to try and get going again.

I'm really not sure where to start, I need to brush back up on music reading and basic playing and was looking for a book to just help kick me off. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good place to look? Many I have found seem to be absolute beginner, but I'm hopeful that with a bit of practice I will start to pick it back up.

Any help or advice much appreciated.
Many thanks 

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  1. by F35H
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    3 years ago

    Re: Picking the sax back up

    Personally, I like to look up practice routines online. I have found spread triads for interval practice; long tones for high and low notes; exotic scales and scale routines for finger fluency; and Jazz standards for ear training; are the absolute best methods to actually work on the horn.

    Here are a few free resources I have:

    Other than those is the Eb Real Book, which you should never use to memorize tunes or play proffessionally. Despite it being notoriously erroneous in the actual tunes, playing the book can help you.

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 years ago

    Re: Picking the sax back up

    Ger a Rubank intermediate book.

    Work on long tones.

    Get The art of saxophone playing by Larry Teal.

    This spring board will open you up to lots of ideas.

    Then follow what you enjoy.

    Good Luck

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