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by yourgoingtocatchahotone
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12 years ago

my vintage conn alto sax..what are the specs

I want to know about my sax. Its dark gold conn sax. The only name on the bell is CONN with stars around it. The only number is the s/n # 4901. No letters around the s/n or anything else. Nothing on the neck either. I just wish I knew something about my old sax. thanks

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  1. by moonoo
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    12 years ago

    Re: my vintage conn alto sax..what are the specs

    Ah, look at that, that looks a lot like my Shooting Stars... We're talking about the Director model, or Shooting Star, based on the engraving. Mine has serial nr. 1980, which does not fit with the 'official' Conn serial nr. sequence. There's some more info on

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