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21 years ago

Hiya everyone!

Hello! My name is Heather, and I've been playing the alto saxophone for about 7 and a half years now after switching from the clarinet. I joined this forum for a number of reasons, but I guess the main ones are these two: 1. To learn how to maintain this instrument myself instead of paying someone else to do it. 2. To learn more about different brands of alto, as I may be upgrading from the Yamaha YAS-23 that I have now.

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    21 years ago

    Re: Hiya everyone!

    Hello, welcome to the best sax forum on the net I believe. i have played for years and do not do much maintenance myself. I have replaced a pad or cork a time or so. Do not have the patience to try to overhaul or set key heights and such. As far as different brands you have a good name just beginers horn. I have a ref 36 selmer tenor and yani 9930 soprano. Looking for a alto as we speak. I hope to be able to collect 1 of each in a good quality horn, including the bass and sopranino. Good luck searching.

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