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21 years ago

Gift of Sax for Classical Pianist

Hi, I'm on a quest to find my wife an alto sax. She is an accomplished pianist (playing 30 yrs), and would like to now broaden her ideas to saxophone. She's played a bit of flute some years ago. As such, she is a discerning musician, and will not like to settle for a "cheap" tone. At the same time, I don't want to get her something too difficult (discouraging) to learn on. I'm so far looking at a Yamaha YAS 475 or a Yanigasawa 901 Lacquer. Any advice?? Direct advice and opinion are welcomed! Thanks for having me.

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    21 years ago

    Re: Gift of Sax for Classical Pianist

    Both of these are good intermediate horns. I would not buy anything above unless you are positive she is going to play or have the money extra to spend. any of the yamaha 400 to 600 series can be found resonable. I would say the Yamaha would be the better of the 2 for a starter horn. If you have the money Selmer is the best and your resell value will be much higher and easier to get money back if i does not work out for her. If you get her a horn go to website The Saxshed you mentioned pianist so she would find this website really helpful has all the learning and teaching aids you would ever need. Good luck !

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