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I really messed up a soldering job

Well, I broke a key on my 90 year old bari. Breaking the key wasn't the really bad thing. The bad thing I did was trying to s…

12 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Non-reaching spring

ON my school's Yamaha YBS-61 Bari, the spring in the octave key mechanism suddenly does not reach the spring receptor thing,…

12 years ago
by saxjunkie89 (393 posts)

I feel the pressure.

I recently aquired a job as a repair tech apprentice at a semi-local music store. Things have been going well, then yesterday…

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

non jewelers anvil

would anyone know of a source for an anvil -- looking for one that can be placed into a vise -- not free standing like a jewe…

12 years ago
by miti (1 post)

Silver Plate

My Bari has been buffed/re-lac'd 3 times and the tone in the upper register is much different then that of the Bari's of simi…

12 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)


Genereally speaking, would relacquering raise or lower the value of a vintage horn?

12 years ago
by selmer6player (2 posts)

gold plating

i want to gold plate my selmer balanced action alto will this cover the engraving?or change the sound?

12 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Pressing to hard

My C key is always sticking, I think it is because I press to hard. I got my C key replaced and like about 2 weeks later it s…

12 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)

Custom engraving on a sax

I have seen an add that you can pay to have your horn engraved. not custom engraved, but engraved with some flowers or leaf t…

12 years ago
by west (242 posts)

Ridiculous Sax Gear Question (humor...)

"Hey - I was wondering if anyone else notices a difference between using a $1 bill to make a pad unsticky and a $20 to do the…

12 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Sticky pad is back

I am bringing this up again because it is such an important subject. I responded acouple of days ago to this issue, I dont kn…

12 years ago
by prophet (2 posts)

Does replating improve the Sound?The Knights Templar

The Knight Templar already have our conclusions on this one but we would like to here others experiences. If done how does it…

12 years ago
by Candyboy (75 posts)

Octave Key emergency repair.

Octave keypad failing or lost? BluTak to the rescue. Roll suitable sized ball of Blu Tak and plug in place of cork pad or o…

12 years ago
by eman19 (131 posts)

Soldering - or better yet, resoldering

I just picked up a Holton Collegiate tenor that someone didn't solder very well. I've never done any kind of soldering on an…

12 years ago
by smcdonaldaz (4 posts)

Smelly Cases

Does anyone know of some sort of mini ozone machine that one could put in smelly cases to get rid of that "old horn smell"? I…

12 years ago
by The_§ax (147 posts)

Resonable and good tech

I live on Maui,a lovely place,but the only true tech fell in lust and moved to Montana.I am about to become the proud owner o…

12 years ago
by reedrage (21 posts)

David Spiegelthal experience

I'm looking to have a modern Berg refaced, and I heard that David Spiegelthal does nice work for a great price. Has anyone he…

12 years ago
by Tully (49 posts)

Mouthpiece refacers-- your experience.

So who's the best mouthpiece tech out there these days? I have a bunch of pieces I'd like to try having opened up, but I've s…

12 years ago
by (18 posts)

"Aging" polished lacquer on an old horn

I recently bought a vintage bari sax. It is in very good overall condition, except that the original owner had attached a sta…

12 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

sharp upper register

i realize that there is a little difference from upper to lower register as far as intonation goes, but my new Z is really sh…

12 years ago
by peter090 (155 posts)


I got an Armstrong alto that hasn't had the pads changed in 10 years, has original corking, and has various dents and areas o…

12 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)

Coltrane's/Desmond's setups

Does anyone know John Coltrane's setup? How about Paul Desmond? Some say trane used a mk 6, others say a SBA...

12 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

1914 silver plated Conn alto sax

I have inherated this wonderful sax and i was trying to restore it. is there anything that i need to know about doing so? als…

12 years ago
by teddyballgame (1 post)

Bare Brass Restoration - Fredericksburg, VA area

Does anyone know of any reputable bare brass restoration outfits in the Fredericksburg/Richmond, VA area? The helpful (sarcas…

12 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)


Jupiter 547-GL Sop. I get lots of flutter in the low range. Can an adjustment be made to correct this? I'm aware this is not…

12 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)
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