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Mouthpiece for a vintage Buescher True Tone alto?

Hi all, I just recently purchased a Buescher True Tone alto. The Serial is 197xxx. Just wondering if anyone has one, or has…

5 years ago
by Phatoon (1 post)

what ligature do you use for jjdv alto?

just wanted to know what ligature you guys use for jjdv alto. I'm using the one mine came with. Which is a rovner dark. I gue…

5 years ago
by kelsey (889 posts)

Big Bell Tenor

While it's no 'unicorn' for anyone out there, but I have a Cleveland Big Bell Tenor that I'm putting together because it has…

5 years ago
by kygator3 (6 posts)

Liebman Guardala PLAYED BY LIEBMAN!!!

Hey there Sax world! I have a gold plated Guardala that use to belong to Dave Liebman himself. I have documentation to prove…

5 years ago
by juartss (2 posts)

Brilhart tonalin no serial number

exists brilhart tonalin without I number of series? I have bought in eBay and it does not take it, it is normal or it can be…

5 years ago
by crawmart (1 post)

Tenor RPC 115b for sale!

I'm selling my RPC mouthpiece because it is a little too open for me. I'm useto something a little smaller, so that's why. It…

5 years ago
by zeekman116 (27 posts)

whispering low

although I know my technic is decisive maybe some has a golden tip for a mouthpiece to enable me "easier" to get a nice whisp…

5 years ago
by swiss horn (4 posts)


Do any pros use Roo-Pads...?

5 years ago
by kelsey (889 posts)

need help picking a tenor mouthpiece

hey guys! i need some help choosing a tenor mouthpiece, i know what sound i want but want to see if i could purchase a tenor…

5 years ago
by kelsey (889 posts)

Sax Sound Issues

Hey everyone, I have an issue with my sound on alto sax that is disturbing to me, and only seems to have been happening the…

5 years ago
by thesaxman06 (4 posts)

Chosing Tip Opening when Changing from Rubber to Metal Alto Mouthpiece

Can anyone provide guidance as to how to choose the correct tip opening when converting from a hard rubber to a metal alto sa…

5 years ago
by Jazz_Doc (2 posts)

Everything Saxophone - Review Site

Hi everyone, I've recently started a new saxophone review site. I've done reviews of mouthpieces including Jody Jazz HR and C…

5 years ago
by benbrittonjazz (1 post)


Hello i´ve started to play my sax tenor after 11 years of silence,i know is better later than ever,but the point is that onc…

5 years ago
by valokuva (4 posts)

Would the Real Dave Guardala Mouthjpiece Mfg Pls Stand Up?

Does anyone understand what is going on with Guardala mouthpieces? It was my understanding that Dave Guardala gave an exclusi…

5 years ago
by zootspiker (13 posts)

Rovner Deep V alto mouthpiece

I'm looking for a large tip opening Rovner metal alto mouthpiece. These were made in the early 90s and didn't really catch on…

6 years ago
by underki (1 post)

Jody Jazz DV7*

I just recieved my new Jody Jazz DV7* tenor mouthpiece. I have been playing on a Guardala King tenor mouthpiece for a few yea…

6 years ago
by jazzcat522 (21 posts)

Best Tenor Case With Backpack Straps?

Hi, all- I just got back from a hit in New York and have rapidly realized that I need a new case before I relocate to NY at…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Cannonball Saxophones

Has anyone ever heard of Cannonball saxophones? I'm looking to learn to play and everyone says to get a Yamaha. But I found t…

6 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

HerculesSax Stands

has anybody tried the hercules Sax stands for alto and tenor? are they any good? 3 replies by jazzcat522 (21 posts) 6 years ago

6 years ago
by afogartie (6 posts)

Looking For tenor Zimberoff Supersonic HR mouthpiece

Allo guys I am after a BD Zimberoff Supersonic Hard Rubber tenor mpc.Also I have a tenor Handmade Guardala BM 110 willing to…

6 years ago
by saxobari (2 posts)

Good saxophone with good price

Hellom friends.. My name is RIcad from Indonesia. I just want to ask about good saxophone but it's cheap. Can you guide, what…

6 years ago
by ricadh (2 posts)

Synthetic Reeds

I have always used cane reeds, but I tried a synthetic reed and it seems to tear up my lower lip. Is this because it is so ne…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Vandoren Glass Reed Resurfacer and Reed Stick

just bought this about 2 weeks ago and i have been filing my reeds and it works!!!! i used to use reed rush but each case of…

6 years ago
by Mobile Band (27 posts)

Hi, I am a Amateur Alto Sax Player with a Question...

Is there any Stomp Boxes, Sound Effects Pedals that sound great with an Alto? If so has anyone tried using Guitar Rig or simi…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Which mouthpiece and reed setup for marching band

Ok bear with me. I'm just a proud dad that wants nothing but the best for my little girl. She has been playing alto and tenno…

6 years ago
by Charlie_Leo (2 posts)
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