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59 minutes ago
by gin3078

Conn Stencil Xcelo C-Melody Saxophone

A couple of years ago, my father bought me a vintage saxophone on eBay without really knowing what he was buying, just tha…

4 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)

My fathers Sax

My father passed away and i am trying to find out some information about his sax. It says stamped on the sax Selmer made i…

6 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)

Conn Rolled Tone Holes By Serial Number Resarch

Based on the vintage saxophone Knowledge out there, I am asking what is the lowest serial number that any of you have…

6 days ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

Buescher Sopran

Hi there,
my grandfather have had a musicstor between 1901-1930 and he sold also saxophones. At his 25th-anual of the…

1 week ago
by bertman

Universo Saxophones

I'm doing some 'asking around' for an old friend, that has this older Tenor Sax. The brand name on the horn is 'Universo'.…

2 weeks ago
by saxphon

Olds Parisian Ambassador alto sax 1963

Saw one on Craigslist recently for 140$ listed as playing "decent":

"I have a decent playing made in France olds P…

4 weeks ago
by Musiclover420 (4 posts)

Sax Information

I have an Evetter Schaffer Tenor saxophone with a seial number 18844.  Does anyone know when & where thi…

4 weeks ago
by GFC (554 posts)

Looking for Pics of rare colored laquered horns

I am looking for any links to rare vintage conn saxophones featuring the rare colored lacquered finishes. I had a link at…

1 month ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

HELP: Know the brand "Ludwig Standard" ??


I am a passionate saxophoniste and now I inherited a Tenor Saxophone.

It looks very very old, the b…

1 month ago
by badenia (4 posts)

Yanagisawa A901

I have a Yanagisawa A901 (a 2000 or 1999 I believe) that I would like to sell but I don't know how much to list it for. &n…

1 month ago
by tonsmink (2 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat

Hello! I recently bought an Buescher Aristocrat, the serial number puts it around 1939 i think. It has DALLAS engraved on…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)

Mark VI 1969

Hi guys!

I finally wandered over from Sax on the web (It's blocked at work, and this isn't) and realized that y…

2 months ago
by Saxquest (374 posts)

What's the difference between Selmer SBA, Mark VI & VII Tenor!

Recently, I got my company's year end bonus (no a big amount, about $4000 USdollars) and want to buy the Selmer Tenor. I sea…

2 months ago
by azuka (4 posts)

1926 King Alto Saxophone for Sale

I have a 1926 King Alto saxophone, serial number 97005, for sale. 
The horn is in very good cosmetic condition.…

2 months ago
by tgriss

2 vintage saxphones and a clarinet

 buecher1 48546 and a king 100838

Hi there, My father passed away in november and i am trying to…

2 months ago
by GFC (554 posts)

Brilhart mouthpiece serial number data base

Over at, they've created a timeline for Brilhart mouthpieces based on serial numbers:


2 months ago
by blanchae

Need Info on Vintage Tenor

Alright I am fixing up this old Tenor saxophone, on the bell it says "Rene Duval" on it, serial is 9XXX. I picked it up fo…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)

Help Clarifying Conn Neck Tuner Start Date and serial sequence

As I was looking through the Saxophone Museum horns today, I notices a Conn C Melody Artist in Gold Plate with a serial nu…

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)

curved soprano sax made by C G Conn #48291

I was given this beautiful instrument, can anyone tell me the possible value?

2 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)

1945-1946 Martin Saxophone

I work in a music shop in the poconos and a man came by to drop off a Martin tenor saxophone made in Elkhart Indiana. I wa…

3 months ago
by GFC (554 posts)


So I buy storage units and I came across this saxophone and I was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it. Is it…

3 months ago
by barisaxalpha (8 posts)



3 months ago
by ACO

Hoosier Peddler nickel plated serial number 92472

Any one know what it is worth and if it is worth restoring? How old is it?

3 months ago
by treetop500 (1 post)

How Old

I have a Selmer Alto Sax very old with a number 18309 how can i find out the Model and if its worth anything?

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (47 posts)
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