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just found out my sax is vintage

someone, please help. I just found out my sax #157143

was built in 1925 needs work but still plays

it is a…

1 day ago
by gregbradio

American Professional Alto Sax

I just bought American Professional Alto Saxophone. Does anyone know anything about this, I think it is by Martin s/n# 183…

1 week ago
by king alto

Need info on vintage Bari

I've had this bari since I was in middle school and recently it made its way back to me. Was hoping someone could possibly…

2 weeks ago
by lowblow

Bundy special Alto Sax

Pretty sure this has been asked a thousand times but here goes...

My son is going into the 6th grade and asked…

2 weeks ago
by cougar1969

Selmer Mark VI baritone

I have a Selmer Mark VI baritone in it's original case and in good condition, although it has not been played in years. Wh…

4 weeks ago
by Saxquest (306 posts)

278xxx The Buescher Aristocrat Price?

Hello I dont know much about saxophones. But I have had one laying around was wondering how much it was worth. This is all…

4 weeks ago
by Saxquest (306 posts)

Bluescher alto

High y'all.

I have just discovered an alto sax I had forgotten I had. I know it was played professionally back…

1 month ago
by moragburton (2 posts)

Identifying My Tenor

Well my #s read 90697 which my research says it is a 1928 to 29 martin  omly thing is it matches none of the picks I…

2 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat Alto

I was hoping I could consult the collective wisdom concerning the Buescher Aristocrat Alto saxophone. There's currently one l…

2 months ago
by xpharisee (1 post)

Martin sax


Greetings all,
I recently acquired a Martin sax serial # 36034. I know nothing about…

2 months ago
by ajgarcia090 (2 posts)

Unknown silver tenor

Really baffled as to what this saxophone is. Anyone have any ideas ? Serial #B02417 
to me it looks like a Selme…

2 months ago
by StuntmanCanada

Buescher alto neck with a signature

I have a 1925 Buescher True Tone alto saxophone, with a "1" neck. On the left side of the neck near the cork is a name eng…

2 months ago
by jon henri (17 posts)

1926 Buescher Engraved with "Jimmy Dorsey"

Your opinions on this alto sax, please!

Engraved with: "Buescher", "True Tone", "188692", "Jimmy Dorsey",

2 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

Conn Naked Lady

I have a Conn Naked Lady tenor saxophone in near mint condition. It still has original silver/nickel plating, pearl button…

2 months ago
by Saxquest (306 posts)

Buescher Players...How many on board?

Just wanting to get a feel of how many on the forum play or have played on Bueschers. I have grown quite fond of the old horn…

2 months ago
by glyphrunner (2 posts)

rudall carte

Hello I have a rudall carte saxophone and I am trying to find info about it on the sax is 23 berners street with 6441 unde…

3 months ago
by andy25196879 (2 posts)

value of sax

i have a tenor sax  marked adolphe sax84 rue myrna paris no.860 is it worth selling david carter( 2 replies by saxdavid (3 posts) 3 months ago

3 months ago
by saxdavid (3 posts)

Liberty Conn Engraving History

I've owned this sax for about 25 years now and have only just now decided to look into its history...and no, I don't play…

3 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

Selmer Bundy Tenor Sax

I have an opportunity to purchase a Selmer Bundy Tenor Sax which has a serial number of 28226 and seems to be in good work…

3 months ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (15 posts)

Help to identify vintage Martin Sax

Hey guys!

I have a 1945-46 Martin Alto saxophone. Its SN 153XXX. Seems to be in great condition with…

4 months ago
by tnbender (4 posts)

Questions about Conn Naked Lady

I have had a Conn 6M, serial # 333778 in the closet for about 25 years. Was about to take it down to the music store to consi…

4 months ago
by jebobo (2 posts)



4 months ago
by joconn9 (2 posts)

What kind of saxophone is this?

Someone donated this sax to the school and would like an estimate for it. But, we have not been able to det…

4 months ago
by GFC (341 posts)

Conn 6M Naked lady ID question


I bought a Conn 6M alto saxophone a few years ago, and I'm planning on selling it. Great horn, outstanding int…

4 months ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

Need help identifying vintage saxophone i bought?

I recently bought what the seller called a vintage alto saxophone. he said it was from 1926. it certainly looks and p…

4 months ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)
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