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Please help identify my Conn Alto please!

The alto has stars on it so I assume it's the Shooting Star series. It says USA on it and the serial says L26311 I am guessin…

5 years ago
by Zeniada (3 posts)

Identification of CONN alto sax

Can anybody help identify the model and possible value of my saxaphone. It is a CONN Alto , the number is 2971 It is in good…

5 years ago
by Zeniada (3 posts)

Conn 26M restore or keep original?

Hello, I found a good original 26M and took it to our local restorer who has done some great work for us in the past. Everyth…

5 years ago
by GFC (550 posts)

Triebert Vintage French Sax

I've come across a bari sax, French made by Triebert (I think, the writing is a little difficult to read! It's a complete wre…

5 years ago
by AliT (3 posts)

OLD Italian Alto sax, need to ID. Can you help a newbie?

We just found this site during our search for information. Hello, and thanks in advance. We have a very old alto sax. Serial…

5 years ago
by audioslave (1 post)

Unkown year,No Serial, Mirage Alto Sax

My mother got me an Alto sax (which i kinda dont need) Said she got it from a pawn shop for me last christmas. Every mouthpie…

5 years ago
by tenormonsterninja (1 post)

concertone sax serial #36449

can anyone help me,I have a saxophone that has the name Concertone on the front but I can not find any information on it it s…

5 years ago
by kengantner (1 post)

Buescher Alto Sax

I have a Buescher aristrocrate Alto Serial Number 404067 and under that number is 1033 does anyone know what that second numb…

5 years ago
by kngsnk (1 post)

Buescher Sax Value

I thought I had posted this once but do not see it. I have a Buescher Aristorcrat Sax Elkhart-Ind S/N 333424/140. It is in go…

5 years ago
by Linda Q (1 post)

Bundy Special saxophone

My son just bought a Bundy Spacial Saxophone Made in Germany by H&A Selmer Inc. I would like to know under what category fall…

5 years ago
by Jose (3 posts)


York was awarded two saxophone patents concerning tone holes in the later part of the 1920s: 1690862 and 1673195. York alto s…

5 years ago
by Gregory Butko (8 posts)

1957 buffet crampon tenor sax

Any thoughts on the value of a 1957 buffet crampon tenor sax. serial number 5011. been repadded and relaquered in the mid 90'…

5 years ago
by jsc3486 (2 posts)

Can you help me identify my sax please.

I have a 1920s silver plated straight soprano which has no makers name. The only engraving is "Mold & Co, Dean St, London". I…

5 years ago
by bibbage (22 posts)

Another 60's Conn Saxophone

I'm trying to figure out where the serial number is on my old Also Conn Saxophone. It was purchased around 1960 and the only…

5 years ago
by dcgriffee (1 post)

1912 buescher true tone

i have just ordered a 1912 buescher true tone that look sin good shape, what do you think about these horns?

5 years ago
by callan20180 (1 post)

CONN USA 836XXX info

From what I can figure out it's a 1960 Alto. Says "CONN USA" on the right and has silver pads and pearl buttons on the pads.…

5 years ago
by ckbailey97 (1 post)

Vintage york merry xmas sax

Hi, I'm new here. I have brought out my grandfather's old sax for my daughter who is now in 5th grade and can start band. I…

5 years ago
by ducknuff (2 posts)

Elkhart Saxophone

I have an old vintage Elkahart alto sax. The bell of the sax has a big Elk. Under the Elk in a heart it says THE ELKHART Band…

5 years ago
by TBone55 (5 posts)

C.G. Conn alto Sax

Hi- my dad gave my son an alto sax that sat in the shed for 20 years. I brought it to a music shop to possibly put it in work…

5 years ago
by SQwithme (3 posts)

vintage mouthpiece identification

What mouthpiece do I have? I found it in the case with my vintage buescher saxophone and would like to know what brand it is…

5 years ago
by chevy4ever (1 post)

appraisal for sax my grandfather left me

My Grandfather left me a saxophone. I am trying to find it's value. It is a Orpheum de Luxe 18349 Italy. Looking for any info…

5 years ago
by saxxy123 (1 post)

Conn Ltd Alto Sax

We have a Conn Ltd Alto Sax that is probably from the 1930's? Model 26MVIII 295801L. It was in working condition as little as…

5 years ago
by Tracie (1 post)

Yanagisawa 8833

I have this vintage Sax. Rarely used. Would like to know what price I can get, if I sell it?? Is there a special market place…

5 years ago
by Sylvia (1 post)

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax--Need Info

I have a Yanagisawa Tenor Sax I'm wanting to sell and I'm looking for information on it so I can determine what it might be w…

5 years ago
by dgnielson (2 posts)

Identify a CONN Sax help

Hi, I have a Conn Sax - not sure if it's an old one or not - so any help apreciated!. On the fron it has an engraving (flowe…

5 years ago
by Mandagorn (1 post)
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