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I recently acquired a family Saxaphone and I know nothing about it. It is a Conn and it was made in the USA. The serial numbe…

4 years ago
by Patrascanu Daniel (2 posts)

King Super 20 Earlier/Later Comparisons

OK, a little bit of background as far as the Super 20s I've owned. My first Super 20 was a 362xxx alto. It was a GREAT playe…

4 years ago
by ChiTown80 (6 posts)

vintage C. G. Conn Ltd saxaphone identification help

cleaning up my father-in-laws belonging, found a vintage saxaphone. case states it is a C. G. conn Ltd. instrument. very tarn…

4 years ago
by gwen (1 post)

Have no clue about this instrument

Hi, I have a Selmer Bundy Sax # 476816 that was my ex-husband's. I would like to try and sell it. I do not know much about it…

5 years ago
by KristenJ (1 post)

Bundy Special Sax question

I have a Selmer Bundy Special Saxophone. It says it is made in Germany and bears a serial number of 48,800. It comes with the…

5 years ago
by smusue (2 posts)

Buescher 1923 Low Pitch True Tone Sax

I have the above listed instrument, serial #142388. It is playable, but could use a little TLC. What might it be worth? Thank…

5 years ago
by zzaphoid (1 post)

Buescher Sopranino Sax

Hi I recently was given this sax, with a number in the 176--- range, presumably making it 1925 or there about. There was a no…

5 years ago
by altanner (1 post)

JM Champel (french saxophone)?

i came across this in a french second hand shop yesterday, can anyone shed any light on the maker? engraved with "jm champel…

5 years ago
by oorwullie (21 posts)

ID a Wonder vs. New Invention

I've have a Conn Tenor #29xxx from 1914, is it a Wonder or is it a New Invention?

5 years ago
by kmterrill (7 posts)

Trying to Identify Type & Date of Conn Sax

Hi I have a Conn sax that bears the legend: "10M PAT APPD FOR N E20849" Can anyone help me identify and date this in…

5 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)

verify authenticity:alto sax

Just aquired C.G Conn saxaphone.want to verify serial # and date. First off,underneath the thumb rest says PATD Dec.8,1914. u…

5 years ago
by Saxsoon (6 posts)

Crazy prices

In France, many people think it is absolutely crazy to ask such prices as 11 000 $ for vintages sax as Mark VI and Balanced A…

5 years ago
by Saxall (17 posts)

is my conn alto sax vintage or not?

old conn alto, shooting star logo, but regular pad covers.

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Conn C-melody stencil??

Hello! I think I have a nickel plated Conn C-melody stencil (I was told when I bought it that its a Lyon & Healy, though I…

5 years ago
by weldingdude (1 post)

My beautiful, old Conn

I have a wonderful 10M that I am having a tough time fitting into a time line....The man that GAVE it to me played it in the…

5 years ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

selmer henri paris saxaphone

I am trying to obtain information on a selmer henri paris saxaphone...serial number 40153. It belonged to my late uncle who g…

5 years ago
by njb (1 post)

"Sanborn" Mark VI

What makes a Selmer Mark VI part of the "Sanborn" series? Is there anything significantly different about them?

5 years ago
by SuperSax875 (55 posts)

Vintage Conn Saxophone

I have a Conn saxophone with Elkhart Indiana engraved on the bell. From what I can gather of the engravings on the back the s…

5 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)
5 years ago
by texican (5 posts)

Super Dynaction Question

Hi, I picked up a Super Dynaction for pretty cheap but I have a concern over it's authenticity. The "Super Dynaction" engra…

5 years ago
by col_do (4 posts)

anybody knows tenor sax "elkhart built by buescher"

hello,  im jose from spain. sorry for my english. recently y bought a tenor sax "elkhart built by buescher" mod 30a but the…

5 years ago
by josercg (1 post)

my old sax

i have an old sax which i know nothing about its only when i started to clean it up that i relised it had engraved writing of…

5 years ago
by christina30 (1 post)

1923 Conn New Wonder Alto

I've been looking for a vintage horn for playing purposes but haven't found any that could go and try out. I recently found a…

5 years ago
by flo_boysax (5 posts)

What's the difference between Selmer SBA, Mark VI & VII Tenor!

Recently, I got my company's year end bonus (no a big amount, about $4000 USdollars) and want to buy the Selmer Tenor. I sea…

5 years ago
by selmer 4evr (309 posts)

1930 Buescher True-Tone?

Hi all, When I was a kid, I took saxaphone lessons, and my parents bought me a vintage alto sax. Although I haven't played fo…

5 years ago
by Larry B (1 post)
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