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ska, anyone?

anybody know about playing techniques, scales, licks, anything of that nature for playing Ska? i really want to start a ska…

9 years ago
by vaggmann (8 posts)

marching band camp senior pranks?

anyone have any good ideas? I'm a senior now and band camp starts in a little more than a week. We need ideas for pranks. I a…

9 years ago
by gemster (51 posts)

All State Band Solo

Hi, I'm a senior this year, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good ideas for a solo for trying out for all state band. I…

9 years ago
by Dark Eyes (138 posts)

Jazz Mouthpieces for Tenor

Its my senior year and I've finally made my way to 1st tenor in our schools top jazz band. The bad thing is that right now th…

9 years ago
by Joe Hamilton (8 posts)

EM winston rainbow series sax

I am not a sax player. i browsed around the forum but didn't find any discussion on this particular model, hence this posting…

9 years ago
by saxseeker (2 posts)

Killer Switch Anyone?

Does anyone else find it difficult to switch from jazz to classical. At my school I am lead alto in the jazz band and first c…

9 years ago
by selmerfan (67 posts)

Eastman Music Horizons July 8-28

Anyone gonna be there?

9 years ago
by jenntheflutist (11 posts)

Le Sax Technical Fun Stuff...

I recently have become obsessed with impro and going off the melody path/wailing. I can play what I hear and think is semi ri…

9 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)

Jazz Colleges

Hey guys. A jazz website has a list of colleges recommended if you are looking into jazz. Some I've never heard of before, bu…

9 years ago
by barisax999 (400 posts)

soprano sax brand

HEY! I am a bass clarinet player for Govenors school for the arts .and I am going to be playing soprano sax for our jazz ban…

9 years ago
by jazzina (18 posts)

Dukoff MPC

I have been given a dilemna, i have a recommendation for a Dukoff (D7) from my band director, he says its a good sound and wo…

9 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

practicing times

hey, this is gonna be specific, so bare with me. ok, my main instrument is my bari, i've played it for three years and other…

9 years ago
by thelittlemarchingone (50 posts)



9 years ago
by Kindly Regards (1 post)

Tenor Sax Feature

Thanks for your help on finding a good bari sax feature. Now, how about tenor sax? Are there any good tenor sax features out…

9 years ago
by Tsaxkid (29 posts)

SHOWSTYLE or CORESTYLE who reins over the competition?!

Which do you prefer? Which would you rather watch? Which would you rather march in? What is your opinion on either of them? U…

9 years ago
by thelittlemarchingone (50 posts)

college...and all that jazz

hey... are any of you planning on studying sax in college? legit or jazz, where do you want to go, and why???

9 years ago
by saxybandgeek_88 (10 posts)

Spring Pieces

alright, christmas concerts behind us, and a spring concert, for some of us an adjudication and other events ahead, what piec…

9 years ago
by KingNecron (76 posts)

is this common?

I've just noticed that whenever i play, G A B C are in tune. However once i play D it gets Very sharp. Followed by E which is…

9 years ago
by p-apple (49 posts)


seeming as we dont fit in to the others.. we can hangout here... let start with talking about band yumm band.

9 years ago
by Stiles B (101 posts)

The Infamous Band Trip!

Soooo . . . anyone going anywhere cool this year? My marching band is going to New York in April. That ought to be cool, beca…

9 years ago
by moonpioneer (17 posts)

Christmas Concerts Jazz and Conert Band Pieces... what are you playing?

Christmas is approaching for Halloween just ended. What are some of the selections you are playing? Also what are some jazz p…

9 years ago
by moonpioneer (17 posts)

Honor Bands

I wanted to see if anyone has been in any honor bands. Hopefully I've met some of you before. (At Frostburg Un. and Sheperd U…

9 years ago
by moonpioneer (17 posts)


Hey. I having problem with my sound. When i play alone you i can hear the buzzing of the saliva (or something) in my instrume…

9 years ago
by moonpioneer (17 posts)

do i need a teacher?

Hi, i'm kay and i've been playing trumpet for about 3 years. i've always loved the saxophone, and my parents found an inexpen…

9 years ago
by moonpioneer (17 posts)

old saxes-need appraisal

I have 7 saxophones that i aquired for free....i was wondering if anyone could tell me what they are worth? the models are as…

10 years ago
by sebastian sax (8 posts)
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