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Charon Soprano sax

Hey, everyone! This is my first voyage on Saxquest. I have a mystery for you all. I've been looking at some used soprano saxe…

7 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

My dads sax

My dad (now playing upstairs ), was a frequent player at Ronnie Scotts in London. He brushed shoulders regulary with a guy ca…

7 years ago
by jaye (1 post)

Resale value for Selmer Balanced Action Alto Silver plated

I have a Selmer, 1947 Balanced Action Alto Sax, original silver plate (95%). Horn in excellent condition, no dings, all pearl…

8 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Brand of sax and age

I have bought a used sax. The only name ihave seen on it is Artcraft on the bell with etching around it. It also has made in…

8 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Looking for opinions...

Hello! My son has played a tenor sax for 3 years. I believe it's considered a student model (Jupiter something). He's moved t…

8 years ago
by kelsey (924 posts)

tuning mark 6

hi my name is allan and i am new to saxquest I have enjoyed reading the posts so far as I have a mark 6 (73000 silver plated…

8 years ago
by coolnotes (2 posts)

New to forum

Hi, I am new to the forum. I do not own a saxophone but would like to purchase one. I have been doing some research on the ri…

8 years ago
by lilyblue (4 posts)

CG Conn saxophone inquiry

Hello all, I have a CG Conn sax with the serial #: pat'd dec 8 1914 1119954 C 58624 L CAN ANYONE PLEASE PROVIDE INFO ABOUT…

8 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

New Guy (Bari Player)

Hey, guys. I've just made an account here and I hope to stay around for a while. Yes, I play Bari. Exciting, I know! Well,…

8 years ago
by Matt... (3 posts)

gautrot marquet brevete alto sax?

What is this sax please check my last post new scottish saxer ..ta!

8 years ago
by alicesax (4 posts)

new scottish saxer

hi sax world I need help with history of gautrot marquet alto saxophone brevete with no serial # but made in france hors de c…

8 years ago
by alicesax (4 posts)

Conn alto M 148000 alto silver sax

Hi, I have a Conn alto silver plated sax with tunable neck, model M148xxx. I purchased the horn about 1950. I'm trying to ins…

8 years ago
by cass_bof (1 post)

Hello all I was a founder member of the original Palm Court Jazz (the inventor of that name too), and I still have the part…

8 years ago
by othernews (6 posts)

Need help identifying Ambassador Tenor Sax

Hello, I Have just purchased a Tenor Sax that has Ambassador engraved on the bell a serial number of 46139 and Italy engraved…

8 years ago
by tdtipton (2 posts)

New to Saxquest

I've viewed Saxquest for a few years now, but this is the first time I've joined. I'm Johnny Hicks. I'm a sax soloist from Mo…

8 years ago
by Sunsetsax (2 posts)

Really Old Conn Ltd. Saxophone

Hello My family and I were cleaning out my grandfathers house and we came across an old saxophone that he played in his coll…

8 years ago
by groh (1 post)

tenor sax

was wanting to get info on a sax. Does anybody know anything about farny saxs? The one I have if I'm reading it right was mad…

8 years ago
by rivetman (1 post)

mpc refacing


8 years ago
by MartinMods (63 posts)


Hi - I'm new to SaxQuest. I decided to join because I would like to purchase a sax for my mom's birthday. She is 85 years you…

8 years ago
by Jitterbug (1 post)

Drake Mouthpieces - Have you tried them?

Hi Everyone, I just sign as a member of the forum. I thought some of you may be interested in learning more about our mouthpi…

8 years ago
by Aaron Drake (3 posts)

New Member

Hi All, Martins do it for me. Looking forward to exchanging ideas. Lance MartinMods

8 years ago
by Jmadrachimov (2 posts)

New Member: Sax ID

I'm Kevin, and I just picked up a Yanagisawa Soprano. It plays well, but I'm not sure what to make of the serial number : 176…

8 years ago
by kguidotti (1 post)

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone, I just became a member so I thought I would introduce myself :). My name is James and I'm From Amsterdam. I've…

8 years ago
by James Dóxx (1 post)

New member

Hi. I'm new here. Great site! I play alto and soprano. I have a Selmer model 22--sweet sound. Would love to own a yangi!

8 years ago
by (2 posts)

Vintage sax , CG Conn

I'm a new member, an am not quite sure how to operate on this forum...I've just acquired a CG Conn alto sax, with the only ID…

8 years ago
by madmuso (2 posts)
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