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Writing music

Ok i am trying to write music for a small jazz band... i do not know how to even get started my first time. Can anyone recome…

11 years ago
by mojocoggo (97 posts)

Who does know this song???

Who does know this song??? I don't manage to find the partiture (notes) of a very beautiful song that it is contained on the…

11 years ago
by sebastiano (5 posts)

Alloro B&S Saxophone

Can anyone tell me if this is made by "B&S in Germany, and what their opinions are on it and its sound and quality. Thank yo…

11 years ago
by mrd (137 posts)

First Gig

What advice would you give someone who is about to play his first jazz gig? You see I have one coming up in the summer and I…

11 years ago
by saxman0317 (53 posts)

vibrato help

i want know how come every time i try to do vibrato, it sounds broken and bad. thx

11 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Bari Sax/Saxophone Sound

I was listening to the Big Phat Band, and their bari player has this big, powerful, amazing sound. My sound is always round,…

11 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Got some new jazz..

well its not really new.. but my sax teacher gave me a cd today.. Bunky Green.. he was my sax teachers old teacher or somth…

11 years ago
by YanagisawA-901 (312 posts)

Jazz Theory and Arranging

I am a college student who is very interested in composing. My favorite type of music is jazz, so I'd like to learn to arrang…

11 years ago
by BariSaxplyr (35 posts)

High Notes

How do you play the really high notes that you will never find on a fingering chart?

11 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)


I have heard that I have to memorize tunes to be really good. There's just one problem. I really stink at remembering things.…

11 years ago
by barimachine (323 posts)

Please help with setup recommendations!

I need to get 2 set-ups. One for concert and one for Jazz. Im looking at a selmer larry teal with hemke 3 reeds for concert..…

11 years ago
by SahsSax06 (4 posts)

Metal Meyer

Has anyone ever encountered a metal Meyer mouthpiece for an alto? If so, what are your experiences with them? Thanks!

11 years ago
by sstitt (10 posts)

Pre Concert Rituals??

Just wondering what other people do to warm up before a big concert. any rituals? patterns? anything u do with ur horn or ur…

11 years ago
by kennyj (24 posts)

Church Modes

Can anyone tell me what "Church Modes" are? For example (Ionian, Dorian). I saw them at on their scale ear tr…

11 years ago
by peter090 (155 posts)

Claude Lakey Mouthpiece for Jazz?

I'm loooking to get a new sound out of my Yamaha Pro sax, and I was wondering if a Claude Lakey hard rubber tenor mouthpiece…

11 years ago
by Tully (49 posts)

Setups for tenor and alto

I need tips on a nice jazz setup for tenor and a good classical setup for alto since I'm moving to tenor in jazz band next ye…

11 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

Meyer Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpieces

I'm loooking to get a new sound out of my Yamaha Pro sax, and I was wondering if a Meyer hard rubber tenor mouthpiece would b…

11 years ago
by zoot (21 posts)

mouthpiece advice

I have a '37 Martin Tenor (Skyline etching on bell). I am coming back to playing after many years and I am looking for a mout…

11 years ago
by sstitt (10 posts)

American University Saxophone Symposium This Saturday, March 26!

American University will be hosting a Saxophone Symposium at AU's Greenberg Theatre on Saturday, March 26. The all-day event…

11 years ago
by nhgetz (8 posts)


I was wondering how to make your tonguing fasterbesides just saying to to to to to to to to to like about a milliong times be…

11 years ago
by Hexaclon (90 posts)


Question: Why Jazz Drumming 12/8? |There is always margin for the accidental and just as much in the greatest things as in t…

11 years ago
by TANGO SIX ONE (255 posts)

Coltrane 26-2

Anyone know what the numbers 26-2 refer to? It's an outtake found on Coltrane's Sound (and probably elsewhere).

11 years ago
by SaxJazz42 (9 posts)

Does anyone ever use Effects?

I am in a Fusion Group where everyone in the group is electric but me, so We have stolen the Idea from others before us and d…

11 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Bari CD's

What's everyone's favorite jazz bari CD to listen to? I'm looking into listening to some jazz bari, and need a reccomendation…

11 years ago
by jazaddict (41 posts)

Woodwind brand Professional saxophones

I want a good jazz saxophone, and I'm looking to move on from my current Jupiter student model (It's a pretty cruddy sax). I…

11 years ago
by java (2 posts)
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