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Oleg vs. The ultimate lig

I've been looking at both these ligs but i cant decide, mostly because no body ever has any bari olegs for me to try out, i h…

20 years ago
by saxguy9345 (21 posts)

Looking for alto neck

I am looking for a Conn Naked Lady alto neck with undersling octave key. Serial # is 331677. Any help at all will be greatly…

20 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Bari Star reeds

I've been trying Bari's Star reeds and thought I'd mention that they're quite an improvement over the old design - especially…

20 years ago
by Spunky2sax75 (75 posts)

what is the best ligature

I was just wondering what everyone thinks is the best ligature currently. I, personally like the francois louis lig, and the…

20 years ago
by N2Jazz (8 posts)

Please! Need help on alto setup!

I having some trouble figuring out what ligature to buy. Ive heard many things about the olgeature and the ultimate by franci…

20 years ago
by N2Jazz (8 posts)

Lower Lip Pain and discomfort playing

I have no clue why but more recently i have been experiencing lower lip pain much easier than before. Now, within just and ho…

20 years ago
by silversax440 (29 posts)

Selmer Soloist

Anybody out there play a Selmer Soloist?? I have played one, but can not remember exactly how they play. How do the play? sou…

20 years ago
by bjemike (7 posts)

A word on alexanders

They suck!!! This everyone plays the same in the box stuff is a bunch of crap. When I got mine, 2 played, marginally and the…

20 years ago
by BreckerBrothersaregods! (23 posts)

Selmer AS210

Ok, I know I've made enough of these posts, but what do you think of the Selmer AS210? It's far easier to handle and play tha…

20 years ago
by Brede (11 posts)

Great affordable sopranos

I am interested in getting a soprano - possibly a vintage horn. Anybody got any views on great sopranos that arent priced way…

20 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Looking for a new sax

I am curently playing on a yamaha 52 and looking to buy a new sax. I planning to try out the two new custom models and the se…

20 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

New Pads

I'm about to send my Series II up to Emilio Lyons for an overhaul. Any opinions (heh) on which pads and resonators I should r…

20 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

new vandoren jazz reeds

I just ordered some of the new Vandoren ZZ Jazz reeds. They haven't come in yet. I've been using the Javas which worked prett…

20 years ago
by Hexaclon (90 posts)

Yanagisawa s 991???

does anbody know anything about the s 991, is it any good any problems with it anything at all?

20 years ago
by briantroyano (16 posts)
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