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Best Platform for learners and Beginners

Hey Friends, I found a great Site where I can upload my music and Listen to different type of Music... Also I can learn ea…

4 years ago
by butt

Help Identifying My Tenor Saxophone

Greetings fellow saxophone players :)

I'm looking for some help identifying the brand of my tenor sax.  I…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (400 posts)

New to Forum


i am new to the forum and would like some info and help from you guys..i am a self taught sax player.…

4 years ago
by GFC (631 posts)

2013 TaiwanTaichung Saxophone Competition

2013 Taichung Saxophone Competition

4 years ago
by tcsax

Is this sound on this song a Sax?

Could someone tell me if the little refrain in the background (it's like 3 notes repeated) is a saxophone? Or a sample of…

4 years ago
by veryconfused

high F# key

Dont know if this has been discussed or not, but ive been looking for a vintage sax, but a lot of them dont have the front…

4 years ago
by GFC (631 posts)

How do all the other beginners do it?

Hi everyone.

I have been interested in purchasing and learning how to play a saxophone for a long time. I final…

4 years ago
by jamallax89 (1 post)

Which Selmer is better?

I'm looking for a new saxophone to upgrade from my Conn 20M. The instrument store near me is giving me a discount between…

4 years ago
by jamallax89 (1 post)

Paul "Doc" Tenney passed away this evening (6/9/13)

It’s with a heavy heart that I relay the news of the passing of a good friend and long-time busine…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (400 posts)

How much to charge for 5 piece jazz band?


I'm 18 year old saxophonist and I have a five piece jazz band. We play various gigs, mainly weddings. The ot…

4 years ago
by phjazz

c.g. conn Saxophone..

My husband has his grandfathers C.G. Conn Saxophone, and the little bit of research that I have done on it it looks to be…

4 years ago
by postal1dee (4 posts)

Saxophone Repair advice

Hello Saxophone Forum! So glad to have found a place to talk saxophone with other people. So here's my story:
I curre…

4 years ago
by Captain_Superman (3 posts)


Hello and wow, what a eye opener on the brand name issue. I am looking to purchase a Sax for the first time and take lesso…

4 years ago
by Elke (10 posts)

I Love My Old Bundy!

Way back in the day (1970's) I got this Bundy Tenor Saxophone. Most folks just dismissed it as another crappy student model h…

4 years ago
by GFC (631 posts)


I have really wanted to start playing alto again so this morning I bid on a Buescher Aristocrat I was aware it was a later…

4 years ago
by mtwilliams2448 (8 posts)

sheet music?

searched the site and didn't find any answers.
who's trust worthy on the net to buy sheet music for alto sax? 

4 years ago
by janetwatson (4 posts)

Selmer Mark Vi sax

I have owned many Selmer Mark Vl's during my career as a sax player. I have never lost money on any of them because t…

4 years ago
by kelsey (925 posts)

Selmer vs. Yamaha?

This topic has been mentioned before, but I don't think anyone actually mentioned how the tones of the saxes sound like. S…

4 years ago
by bboyinmartin (4 posts)



Dear Friends



4 years ago

Alto Sax Audition Rep

This coming September I'll be audition for my second year of University Level Music on alto sax. Ive been running through…

4 years ago
by Steve C (5 posts)

What kind of tenor saxophone is this?

I bought this off a guy who knew nothing about the sax. It plays well and has a bright tone. All of it, when looked closel…

4 years ago
by oboeplayer

Selmer Bundy II for $200?

I'm looking for a horn just to start up a new hobby. I played sax in school years ago and really enjoyed it. I don't have…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (400 posts)



I am plannig to buy a tenor sax, and since I have a very loq budget, I am looking on ebay all over Europe.&…

4 years ago
by Asanoth


so has anybody figured out how to play sax quietly ?, hand towel over sax- not working, low strength reed- ehhh not really…

4 years ago
by jon henri (19 posts)

La Sax

I am the owner of a Bundy made by Selmer alto sax I bought off E-Bay a few years ago hoping one of my grandkids would take…

4 years ago
by saxgourmet (128 posts)
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