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rob t moliere "artiste" tenor saxaphone?

We found this tenor sax in my Uncle's attic and I can't find any info about it anywhere. Just wondering if it was worth selli…

5 years ago
by sammyz (1 post)

Newbie question about pads

Can bad pads affect the "octaving"? For example i hit my E & D on my BbTenor... You know the E when 3 on the left hand, 2 on…

5 years ago
by Lord (4 posts)

Need opinion/info on old alto Conn.

Hi, thanks for you guys and gals being here and offering opinions. I just looked at an old Alto-sax C.G.Conn made in Elkhar…

5 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

Yamaha Midi Wind Controller

I'm normally a tenor/alto player but sometimes the songs call for a brass or some other sound (I am the horn section). Anyone…

5 years ago
by ajmoon (4 posts)

Herb Couf Superba I Tenor Saxophone dated: early 1970s (77,xxx)

I've been looking around at professional tenor saxes. I stubled across a vintage Couf Superba I. What do you think about this…

5 years ago
by oldtenorpicker (5 posts)

How to play an A3 note on a soprano sax?

I printed off some soprano sax sheet music. One of them is "Songbird" by Kenny G. Anyway it has an A3 note in the second meas…

5 years ago
by mikemudcat (1 post)

Keilwerth ST90 Tenor Sax

I have heard a little bit about Keilwerth saxophones, but i'm not an expert. Can anyone tell me if a Keilwerth ST90 Tenor Sax…

5 years ago
by oldtenorpicker (5 posts)

Conn 20M saxaphone, SN 231039

I have a saxaphone it is a conn 20M, serial number N231039. I do not know anything about saxaphones or it quality or worth, c…

5 years ago
by Tootall Tammy (3 posts)

Need help identifying this Sax

My apologies ahead of time if I could have found this info elsewhere. I'm new, I did look for a search prior to asking with n…

5 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

I need some help identifying a saxophone

Several years ago I bought a awesome soprano sax....its shaped like a regular saxophone Instead of being straight and has a b…

5 years ago
by Drack (1 post)

Saxophone Etudes & Method Books

I am looking for some ideas about what are the most popular, most purchased, most desired, most played, and most used saxopho…

5 years ago
by wiltonelder (2 posts)

Mark VI Alto Neck for sale

Hi everybody. Im selling a VI alto neck I bought a couple years ago on ebay. heres the link no replies by lhsaxplaya (1 post) 5 years ago

5 years ago
by lhsaxplaya (1 post)

One-handed saxes

I've just been looking at 'Cybersax' and they are featuring a Conn mezzo-soprano built in the 1920's for a player who lost hi…

5 years ago
by KennyBee (4 posts)

strange noise on 2nd octave

Hi, i am new to playing an alto saxophone. When i play note son the 1st octave everythign sounds ok (for a beginner!) Howev…

5 years ago
by philv (1 post)

Cannonball Soprano

Hey there... I have a Cannonball Big Bell Series Soprano saxophone that I would like to sell. It is in perfect condition, & t…

5 years ago
by jordanlefever (1 post)
5 years ago
by Mobile Band (27 posts)

PF Flyer Tenor

anyone know what the value of the first three, pf tenors made would be. it is in ex cond and has the rolled toneholes.

5 years ago
by kneejerk52 (397 posts)

New Design?

Hey everybody, Hope your new year is off to a great start. I'm designing a new sax and I could use some input. As a jazz-funk…

5 years ago
by SeeTenner (1 post)

Alto Sax; Yamaha Custom YAS 62 or Selmer Super Action 80?

I want to know about the tone and playablibilty and tone quality of the Yamaha Custom YAS 62 alto sax vs Selmer Super Action…

5 years ago
by chocogarcia (1 post)

I need a soprillo saxophone

Please help me

5 years ago
by Bubba_sax (1 post)

Value of Yanagisawa 900u tenor

I'm looking to sell a mid-90's Yanagisawa 900u tenor, in about B+ condition. Does anyone have an opinion of the starting pric…

5 years ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

Opus Sax

Hi, has anyone ever heard of the Opus brand of Saxophone? And if so could you share if it is a good brand or not...."Thank yo…

5 years ago
by Leonardtraci (2 posts)

Value of Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

Hello, I am pondering the sale of my faithful high school tenor sax and am curious what folks think it might be worth. It was…

5 years ago
by adwhiz (1 post)

Help Identifying old Barclay Tenor

I have an old Barclay Tenor I picked up a couple years ago serial#55081, judging by the case it was once a high school instru…

5 years ago
by Cerbin24 (2 posts)

brand of tenor called "Ashley"

I have seen someone selling a tenor saxophone that they supposedly got in france, and is supposedly a top of the line saxopho…

5 years ago
by trombone and sax player (10 posts)
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