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New member: saxophone "feedback"

I've played saxophone for four weeks now, and i don't have a teacher. I have practiced different jazz songs and i…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (400 posts)

Beaugnier Soprano

Hi everybody
I recently found an old Beaugnier Soprano from the 40's to sell.
Every seems ok (mecanics, state, .…

4 years ago
by Titris

Is Selmer AS300 an good Intermediate sax?

Hi!  My son wants to take up alto sax.  I was offered a Selmer AS 300 for $500, is that a good price?  Is t…

4 years ago
by star31212 (3 posts)
4 years ago
by donnifresco

mystery conn usa - question for jim?

a friend of mine recently gave me a CONN USA 22M tenor sax to sell for him. heres the question? 1. is this the mexiconn? ther…

4 years ago
by jon henri (19 posts)

Frederick L Hemke Reeds

Any body have any experience with them? Are they in the same league as vandorens and rico royals?

4 years ago
by Godling (1 post)

New Member..Questions about a Selmer Bundy 2 I Found in My Closet

Hey guys, let me start off by saying i have 0 knowledge about saxophones so please bare with me. When i was about 7 years…

4 years ago
by GFC (631 posts)

Buffet Crampon vs Yamaha Tenor Sax


I have intention to buy a tenor sax for local marching band with limited budget (1200€).

I hav…

4 years ago
by Sax Amateur (3 posts)

Unison any good?

I'm looking to buy a tenor and a Unison was recommended to me. Are Unison horns any good?

4 years ago
by AltoAnarchy (2 posts)

Weltklang Tenor & Berg Larsen mouthpiece

Hi Guys,

I have had a Weltklang Tenor for about 11 years now and have finally decided to try and find out some…

4 years ago
by propella

saxophone museum

Hi all,

 I live in Belgium a few minutes drive from the birth place of Antoine (Alphonse) Sax. The town, Dina…

4 years ago
by gallois

Is used studen alto saxophone from ebay better than my new one

Hi Guys I new in this forum and also in saxoophone, due to limited budget I get brand new China alto saxophne last Decembe…

4 years ago
by wongsoon (5 posts)

Martin tenor Sax

I have a martin Tenor Sax on it reads The Martin Imperial Elkhart Indiana usa the serial number I found on it is # 314209…

4 years ago
by RectorMT (2 posts)

What kind of Sax??

I was recently given a sax (I believe tenor) from a friend who inherited it from her grandfather (So I believe it to be an…

4 years ago
by greenfairy

sax for sale

I have a white sax owned by Clarence Clemons that I would like to sell. If anyone could pass on information to help get me…

4 years ago
by zottmom

Does the lacquering on the sax really matters?

So i bought YTS-62 yesterday, it looks pretty bad to be honest. Scratechs and lacquering coming off, but does it really ma…

4 years ago
by Zaxman (31 posts)


Does anybody know what's up with Wikifonia?

4 years ago
by tempomaster

Buescher Aristocrat

Hello all,

I've been tasked with selling my brother's alto saxophone but am having immense difficulty finding the…

4 years ago
by GFC (631 posts)

what have you named your sax

i have recently named my alto saxophone "baby" just wanting to know how many others have named thiers 

4 years ago
by birdlover (43 posts)

Selmer Mark VI for sale 1700$

I have recently found a slemer mark VI alto sax for $1700. Great price right! Well only problem is it is in Russia, i've n…

4 years ago
by Saxquest (400 posts)

How to become a intermediate-professional saxophonist

Hi, I'm currenlty in highschool, and I've been playing baritone sax & alto sax 
for around 3 to 4 years.

4 years ago
by kelsey (925 posts)

I&j brand horn

Hi all. I'm new to the scene and was wondering if anyone has info on the I&J branded sax. 

4 years ago
by gary2745

C Melody

Why would anyone play a C Melody sax, apart from the obvious, ie non-transposing. Is there some other qualities that playe…

5 years ago
by cycles (42 posts)

CONN Baritone Sax help!

Hi, I'm just beginning to learn Baritone Saxophone. My grandpa gave me this Conn 12m. He bought it from Ebay this New Year…

5 years ago
by 3arcdave (5 posts)

Conn Alto Sax


I have an early 1960's Conn Saxophone with the star burst pattern.  It is gold and silver co…

5 years ago
by birdlover (43 posts)
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