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Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has any good scale patterns that really helped them when they were learning to play / im…

8 years ago
by allstar997 (3 posts)

how do i start my own band?

i want to star my own jazz band but im not sure on what instruments are needed. and also, what is that sax that looks like an…

8 years ago
by Blind_Sax (11 posts)

Need suggestions on new mouthpiece

I'm a senior in high school who plays the tenor sax. Recently, I've been starting to get a better hang of overtones and a few…

8 years ago
by Saxyboy (52 posts)

yeah this forum is about jazz

If you have to ask a question about mouthpieces and new horns, go to general discussion or equiptment. Since this is a jazz…

8 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Meyer Metal Mouthpiece

Does anyone know what kind of sound the metal meyer mouthpiece's produce on alto?

8 years ago
by milo33410 (3 posts)

Can the Yamaha YTS-62II tenor handle the Blues/Jazz???

Hey all. Great forum here. I mentioned my intrest in the Yamaha YTS-62II in another thread here, but i thought this question…

8 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

Jazz Band Sax seating

I thought I knew the answer to this, but through some recent discussions with several people have begun to question what I th…

8 years ago
by JaZzer (25 posts)

Who or what inspired you to play the saxophone?

My father had been a professional musician in Europe, playing mainly tenor sax. After he came to America, he stopped playing…

8 years ago
by Saxyboy (52 posts)

My Jazz Recordings

Hello all, been a while since I posted. I kind of starting hanging out more on saxontheweb. I have been digging the Song of t…

8 years ago
by Radjammin (255 posts)

Opinions On a New Mouthpiece

I'm 15 and a sophmore in high school, and i currently play a selmer ref 54 alto sax with a meyer 5 and la voz medium reeds. I…

8 years ago
by Linky (26 posts)

underrated players.

With so much emphasis being on image, a lot of players have gone underrated throughout music's history. I would like to hear…

8 years ago
by bigred (43 posts)

MOUTHPEICE FOR 14 yr old JAZZ Player

Hey i know many people ask about mouthpeices, but here goes.....i am 14 and i have played Alto Sax since i was 8. I have good…

8 years ago
by Seano (132 posts)

Location, Location anybody know a location

Hello my name is Ben and I am a tenor sax player in south jersey and am wondering if anyone knows a good place to try out mou…

8 years ago
by kneejerk52 (397 posts)

sonny rollins tour

if you get a chance check out rollins he's playing great. heard him play last night. i don't know how many shows he is doing…

8 years ago
by birdwho (15 posts)

Best places to pick up pieces

Hello my name is Ben and I am a tenor sax player in south jersey and am wondering if anyone knows a good place to try out mou…

8 years ago
by Sonny Swingin (9 posts)

What's "growling"?

i was wondering what growling was and can anyone tell me techiques on the saxophone to make it sound really cool when playing…

9 years ago
by SaxJazz42 (9 posts)

Advices&Infos for a new soprano

Im looking for a soprano but i want it straight & one piece body.I like the serieii & the pmuriat pmss-2600 have anyone infos…

9 years ago
by sax&sax (18 posts)

Whats the difference between a silver mouthpiece and a brass mouthpiece?

hello, my name is Troy and I will be purchasing a phil barone Jazz tenor mouthpiece VERY soon, but for a while now ive been w…

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

A New Sax

I've been really serious about the sax now, i don't think it's going to be a side thing anymore. Im going to start concentrat…

9 years ago
by Saxyboy (52 posts)


EVERYONE GO TO www.KillerbS.TK and check out our new site. We play funk'd up jazz rock. Let us know what you think of our sit…

9 years ago
by sultanofsax (31 posts)

Which Saxophonist Has Been Your Biggest Influence On How You Play (Or Want To Play)?

I have to say that my biggest influence would be Lester Young. I love Lester's beautiful tone and his sense of phrasing. His…

9 years ago
by Saxyboy (52 posts)

Learning jazz

Hey guys I’m new here and have only been playing sax for about 9months but in this time I have Learnt a great deal about ja…

9 years ago
by swingstreet (315 posts)

my jazz setup

hey i'm new here, and i was wondering if you guys had any advice for me. i play in my high school's concert and jazz bands; t…

9 years ago
by Dark Eyes (138 posts)

jazz clinics

I am really looking to do some serious playing over this winter break. Does anyone know if there are any masterclasses or cli…

9 years ago
by tmgaus51 (16 posts)


I put up a post like this earlier, but since I dont know a shortcut to look at my personal posts--if there is any--I cant res…

9 years ago
by user0188 (2 posts)
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