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Olegature - what cap fits it??

I am thinking of purchasing an Olegature for my alto. I am pretty sure that it doesn't come with a cap, am I right? Well in t…

9 years ago
by krzykrn88 (27 posts)

Steel Ebonite Alto Mouthpiece?

Guys, Just curious if anyone can tell me about one of the mouthpieces that came with a vintage horn I picked up a few weeks…

9 years ago
by brigont (4 posts)

AMT Wi5?

Hey guys, has anyone tried the AMT Wi5 wireless system?

9 years ago
by asaxyd (1 post)

Vandoren Blue Woodwind Stencils

I have a Woodwind stencil of a blue Vandoren Java tenor piece and its one of the best mouthpieces I've ever played. It also c…

9 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Ponzol neck

How would a ponzol neck affect a MK VII tenor? I,ve heard some people say the original necks aren't very good

9 years ago
by eph6468 (1 post)

Allegro Sax

Does anyone have an opinion on the differences between the "regular" Yamaha tenor YTS-475 and the Allegro Yamaha YTS-575AL? T…

9 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Saxgourmet tenor

I have recently "took the dive" and purchased a Saxgourmet tenor. To slightly side step I have owned a 65,000 105,000 156,000…

9 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

sax mic

hello im looking to buy a mic

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Francois Louis Tenor mpc

By far the most incredible tenor mpc I have played in the last 40 years. Best price is at Amsterdamn Winds-- you will save ov…

9 years ago
by ripford (4 posts)


Anyone hear of a Dau-han Mouthpiece?

9 years ago
by tarm403 (4 posts)

Brass alto sax stand

I am looking for a brass alto sax stand for my boyfriend. He would like to display his diseased father's sax and he has been…

9 years ago
by tomsiak (1 post)

Oleg necks on Yamaha YTS62

Does anyone have an Oleg Neck on a Yamaha YTS62?? I am looking to try and improve the sound of my 62. Interested in anybodys…

9 years ago
by arcec (9 posts)

Meyer Mouthpiece

I'm getting a Meyer 5m soon and i was wondering what ligature i should get? One of my ideas is the Rovner Light Ligature? Is…

9 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

?Otto link RG?

Anybody hear anything about the otto link RG? I'm trying to find a mouthpiece for my tenor. Currently I'm playing on a MBII G…

9 years ago
by ryantmn (5 posts)

Value of an old mouthpiece

I have an old Dukoff "Dukoff" Model tenor sax mouthpiece, with the original ligature, cap, and bitepiece. Looks like it's a 6…

9 years ago
by soundlink7 (1 post)

Silvertone Tenor Sax Neck

I'm looking for a Tenor Sax Ne

9 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)

Reeds for Otto Link 8*?

Hi, i just bought a metal otto link 8* and im looking for a dark tone. Anyone able to recommend what reed and size i should u…

9 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Jody Jazz DV

Hello everyone!! Does anybody have any experience with the Jody Jazz DV tenor mouthpiece? I'm thinking about buying one and w…

9 years ago
by bandnerd1892 (7 posts)

Metal Meyer Mouthpieces for Alto Sax

I just ordered a Metal Meyer for my Yamaha Custom Z(gold lacquer) to try out. I was wondering what to expect, is it any good?

9 years ago
by saxjunkie89 (393 posts)

sax quartet mouthpieces

what mouthpieces/reeds do you guys recommend for soprano, alto, tenor and bari if we want a bright sound on alto and bari and…

9 years ago
by MarkLavelle (300 posts)

Selmer Liberty LAS 501S O/F, any body hear of it?

I'm on a quest (check out 'welcome forum') to find a new sax. So I am trying anything i can get my hands on. Tonight I tried…

9 years ago
by Sax cat (5 posts)

mouthpiece for P.Mauriat PMSS-64 soprano sax ! NEED HELP!

Hello guys.. i have a P.Mauriat soprano sax.. i am having so much trouble finding a good mouthpiece for it. I am currently us…

9 years ago
by aramo25 (13 posts)

Ligature for otto link metal piece

im looking for a ligature for otto link alto metal piece. the problem with metal links is they have a ridge on the opposite s…

9 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)

Ligatures VS Oleg Ligatures Design

Are you aware of the Trademark Designed Clairinet,Flute & Saxophone Ligature by Saxophone Designer Oleg? The revolutionary O…

9 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Becoming a Selmer Artist

I was wondering if anyone knew

9 years ago
by joeConnMan (8 posts)
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