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L.A. Saxes

Does anyone have any information or feedback about playing an L.A. Sax? I'm thinking about purchasing an intermediate L.A. sa…

8 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Play along books

Can some one tell me some book

8 years ago
by straightj23 (103 posts)

The Jazz Saxophone Forum

This section of the forum is g

9 years ago
by knorter (205 posts)

Listening to the Real Book


9 years ago
by BlazeFelton (1 post)

Darkest sounding rubber mouthp

Hey, Ive been doing alot of re

9 years ago
by Tranesyadaddy (279 posts)

Help! Need Advice

I have a dilemma. I have had a

9 years ago
by Christian Anderson (73 posts)

charlie parker-help please

hello can anybody noes the tit

9 years ago
by edoney (20 posts)

The Amazing Honda

Hey everyone, lately I've been

9 years ago
by NoizDoc (1 post)

Chris Potter

Has heard the Chris Potter recording of All The Things You Are? It was recorded at some short jazz festival with a hand recor…

9 years ago
by user07 (1 post)

Michael Brecker

What I want to know is where is the love for Michael Breker. I read a ton of these post and have not seen his name I read th…

9 years ago
by kelsey (876 posts)

Hey, I'm new! Want to find som

Hey guys, I'm Tommy. I have a

9 years ago
by jing24 (31 posts)

Boots Randolph dead at 80 years

Hey guys. Guess what. Boots Randolph has passed away!

9 years ago
by cookster01 (32 posts)

Improv, Support, and Lead Alto

Our lead alto was a senior and

9 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

what is a good jazz mouthpiece

i have been in band for 5 year

9 years ago
by barisax999 (400 posts)

Need Jazz Help!

I have been in band for 5 year

9 years ago
by Tranesyadaddy (279 posts)

Big Phat Jam

Hey. Have any of you checked t

9 years ago
by straightj23 (103 posts)

Carrying The Melody

I want to pursue a career in p

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)


wow, saw Mr. David "Fathead" N

9 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)

Exploring Jazz Improvisation-f

I’d like to invite you to chec

9 years ago
by Jazzpath (19 posts)

How to do overtones

i can bearly do an overtone, b

9 years ago
by Jay69 (5 posts)

Altissimo in depth

Okay... I'm a younger jazz player that is getting VERY serious into jazz. And as with all saxophone players, there comes that…

9 years ago
by selmer 4evr (309 posts)

"Monique" Alto sax?

So there's this kid in my school band who has a copper Monique alto sax and a Meyer something-or-other mouthpiece. He said he…

9 years ago
by Seano (132 posts)

Greg Fishman jazz etudes and s

I suggest checking out Fishman

9 years ago
by ati7894 (2 posts)

Lig on Meyer?!

Hey everyone, I was just abou

9 years ago
by Peepin728 (17 posts)

transposing tunes and licks

when i practice, i challenge m

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)
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