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new saxophone

Good evening! I am a new student to the alto sax. I decided to take up the sax earlier this year, having never played an inst…

14 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

Vintage Brilhart #2 (transparent HR or Glass)

I recently purchased a vintage tenor saxophone (King Zephyr 173xxx). It came with a Brilhart #2 tomalin mouthpiece. The mouth…

14 years ago
by ANLSaxin (5 posts)

1940's Bundy tenor saxophone #302289

Any information would be greatly appreciated

14 years ago
by greatscot (1 post)


Hello; Im new to this discussion forum. my name is jazz32 just thought i would introduce my self 40 something 2 year alto sax…

14 years ago
by wanghuanju (1 post)

Mouthpieces of brier "the fantastic sound"

Hello friends I've been playing a year with them and are wonderful, sweeter sound, ease of emission among other benefits ...…

14 years ago
by NAVASAX (1 post)

tuning Flat or sharp?

Weird question; playing in a blues band and the guitars tune half step down, i like it due to it seems to give me more notes…

14 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

vintage saxaphone

hi, I am new to this forum so I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Sam and I live in the UK, I really hope that…

14 years ago
by sam67 (1 post)

Hello New to this board looking for some guidance...

Hello I'm 51 yrs young..I've wanted to play the sax since Jr High but they ran out an only had clarinets which I got into..we…

14 years ago
by mechy7586 (1 post)

PennAlto Sax

I recently acquired some older horns. One of them is a "Penn" made in LA. It looks similar to a Martin Handcraft from the 20s…

14 years ago
by supersnail14 (3 posts)

New to Saxquest - Looking for Info

I've never done this before (really!) and I'm not a saxophone player, but your site seems much friendly than some others for…

14 years ago
by tinkerbell (1 post)


Hello to all, I have I would guess a modern version Meyer 5M for alto and was wondering if I switched out the $5.00 ligature…

14 years ago
by Geenoz (1 post)

Good to meet everyone, invite you to my new blog!

Hey there people! Really liking what little I've seen of the community here. I've been playing for a while, and hope that I…

14 years ago
by dorono (8 posts)

Cecilio saxophones

Does anyone know about a brand of saxophone called Cecilio? i am a beginner and am looking for a good saxophone that will fit…

14 years ago
by SuperSax875 (55 posts)

Impossible to "log-in" to forum discussions when emailed about them!

This has been a continuing frustration of Saxquest discussion forums over many years to the point the problem has dissuaded m…

14 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

new member

hello i'm trying to buy a tenor sax for my son. i can get a near perfect conn international 86m locally for 700$ , i am loo…

14 years ago
by amandak695 (1 post)

Just Signed Up

Hi my name is Chuck Sovick. I am retired after being in Advertising for twenty-five years. I love the saxophone and have play…

14 years ago
by mikelrollins (3 posts)

King Super 20 s/n 298029

I would like to know what the approximate value of this horn is. I know it is from the late 1940's and is sought after becaus…

14 years ago
by hudsonn (1 post)

Just signed up

Have an Elkhart Beuscher silverplate True Tone low pitch soprano 222xxx. Bought it for $400 in '92. Finally getting around to…

14 years ago
by LHB (2 posts)

Martin Alto Imperial Sax

I have a silver Imperial Grandcraft Alto Sax. Elhart, Ind Serial Number 111081. I got it in 1959 and it was used then. Can an…

14 years ago
by Debby (2 posts)

Kohlert 55 tenor sax...serial no: 26328

Hello! My husband has a Kholert 55 tenor sax that he wants to sell. We have been trying to get info on this sax, but it has n…

14 years ago
by chucksovick (4 posts)


Hi -- glad to be here. I'm restarting sax after a 30-year break including military service and a career change. Back in olden…

14 years ago
by AdamAugust (1 post)

Jacques Perroquest instrument

My family used to own a music store, while cleaning out the basement I came across a Jacques Perroquest instrument. I think i…

14 years ago
by Barlew (2 posts)


Thank you for having me on your site, the store looks truely awsome. Adrian Swift, 47 years old, tenor player for 30. Last 2…

14 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Hello curious about value

I have a low pitch lyon h healy serial #82189 could any one tell me what it is worth,thank you.

14 years ago
by gary12 (1 post)

Selmer sax part

Lost the F# G# adjust arm for my Selmer series III tenor.... cannot find out where to purchase a replacement.... the one from…

14 years ago
by SuperSax875 (55 posts)
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