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Greetings from Jamaica

Greetings from Jamaica. I just started learning to play the alto at 65 and having a lot of fun. I play double seconds (ste…

9 years ago
by knolly

Just joined up, sayin' hi . . .

Howdy all . . . I have recently begun playing alto sax, at the age of 57, taking lessons from the same guy who taught each…

9 years ago
by PhillipS. (9 posts)

how to add photo to profile

how does one add photo to profile


9 years ago
by Jonolockjaw (17 posts)

sax quartet charts for trade

I have a library of over 900 charts. These are for trade only. All genres. Good stuff only, please. No more than 5 at a time.

10 years ago
by igor_riccardi (1 post)

Hello from Texas

Figured I would start practing again.


10 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Hello from Florida!

Been a member a while but have only posted once before in response to a question.

Looking forward to engaging i…

10 years ago
by ce winds

Frustrated...(not really)Please help...Have a Vito alto sax. I'm

Please help...Have a Vito alto sax. I'm 55 years of age and can't read a lick of music. I don't get it. I love music and w…

10 years ago
by jamieschillin

Hello from NY, new to

Hello, everyone. I'm Scott, a professor of saxophone at several universities in the NY area and performer of jazz and clas…

10 years ago
by Zootsax

elkhart deluxe/learner

i was wondering if anybody knew the difference between the elkhart series 2 and the elkhart deluxe sxad

10 years ago
by adamsuk

Martin Alto Sax info

Hello -

I am looking for information on a Martin Alto Sax I am trying to put a price on.  the serial number a…

10 years ago
by cenbody

Hello to all, Need some info about a Sax.

Have been playing a Yamaha YTS23 Tennor but ended up buying another small Saxophone which stands at 47cm tall and badged (…

10 years ago
by asmp1


This looks like a great board. I have played the clarinet and tenor sax since the late 50's. I went to the high s…

10 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

Ken from Chicago

Hey, I'm Ken! Not a saxophonist myself but working with a few to get a site called Sax Rhino off the ground and running. O…

10 years ago
by kenmoorhead (2 posts)

Greetings all, and happy Tuesday

I'm Eric, currently oscillating between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.  (Salt Lake atm.)  I've played sax for l…

10 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

Eric from Hampshire, UK

Hello every one. I have an Alto, a Tenor and a Con Melody C. All in good working order.
I now am setting about learni…

10 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)


Hello, my name is Alex Perez and I am an alto saxophonist in high school. I'm in 9th grade, and began playing in 7th. I ha…

10 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

New to the Sax and Horns in general

Hello Everyone,

I have been playing semi-pro as a singer and acoustic guitarist, but have just recently picked…

10 years ago
by casbonano

Hi from Brisbane Australia

Hello.. I wish to introduce myself from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am a retired former employee of a major airline…

10 years ago
by roggers

Hello from Lagos

Hi guys, am Karim and playing alto sax when ever I can. I am french and work in Nigeria since 2003. I can accomodate my jo…

10 years ago
by Belkatel

Two months in!

Hi from Canada
I am new to music altogether, and I am enjoying learning the saxophone.  This site has already ta…

10 years ago
by drjamieson

Boa tarde!!! Estou aprendendo a tocar.

Meu Carlos, sou brasileiro e estou iniciando no saxophone tenor.
Gostei muito do site.

"Good afte…

10 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Hello from St Charles,MO

Hi I'm Ron. I've been playing Tenor Sax for ten years. Any advice on memorizing Bebop tunes?

10 years ago
by cnup2020 (2 posts)

Hello from Austin, Texas!

I am a professional sax player in Austin. I also have a series of apps that teach jazz improv. You can search "iImprov" in…

10 years ago
by tonybray

My sax alto is a Buecher Low Pitch 25084

Hi dear friends. I'm a brasilian amador musician and I have a sax alto Buecher Low Pitch 25084 and I would like to know so…

10 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)


Hi all. I've been messing around with sax for at least 30 years, but am  self taught so progress is not steady. I jus…

10 years ago
by GFC (842 posts)
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