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New, although a bit older, dude on board

Hi all,

Robert here, Dutch guy living in The Caribbean.
Started playing alto sax a couple of months ago, p…

3 years ago
by CaribPlayer

Saxophone model choice

Hi all,

I have one Yamaha YAS-26.  Now, I want to upgrade to new one.  I prefer the Yamaha YAS-62III.…

3 years ago
by cynthiamyra (2 posts)

My ? Classic Saxaphone

Hello fellow saxers, 
I haven't played my Eflat Alto for 40+ yrs.  No good reasons , still always listened…

3 years ago
by GFC (794 posts)

Hi , New Member from Australia

I have an old Alo Saxophone I used to play a few decades ago, and after doing some good old Google research , I came up wi…

3 years ago
by GFC (794 posts)

Hello, New member here from Missouri

I wanted to take a minute to say hello. I'm new to this website/forum. Have actually never played a sax, however, i have a…

3 years ago
by Axman2120

Oboe player trying to transition to Sax


I am pretty new to the sax (3 years on/off). I almost exclusively play bari because that is what is need…

3 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (512 posts)

New member

I teach private saxophone and piano lessons in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. I'm excited to share ideas…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (419 posts)

acoustic guitar

hello friends,

I'm Megha and love to play guitar.acoustic guitar is my favourite.

If you have decided to b…

3 years ago
by meghayadav045

Selmer saxophone

Hello from super hot Sarasota Florida. I recently acquired a Selmer saxophone. I don't play the saxophone or any instrumen…

3 years ago
by Rachle

Hello from Ann Arbor, MI


Getting started from a long long absent of playing my alto saxophone. Learning everything all over again, play…

3 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)


I was looking for some nfo on the old Elkharts, and found it here, can't understand why I didn't join sooner!!! Thanks!!!<…

3 years ago
by mijderf (260 posts)


Hi Everyone!
My name is Louise, I'm 33 and live in Melbourne Australia. For years I have enjoyed listening to the sax…

3 years ago
by mijderf (260 posts)

Greetings from Los Angeles


I grew up playing the sax. Then in college I got into a middle eastern stringed instrument called th…

3 years ago
by a_minas

Hello from NYC

hello everyone! 

Graphic designer here from NYC. Always been a fan of the sax, and have a horn at home tha…

3 years ago
by npgraphicdesign

Former brass player, now loving alto

Hello everyone.  My name is Mark.  I just recently started playing the old alto horn that belonged to my wife.&n…

3 years ago
by Underground

Hi from UK

Good morning. I've played tenor \ bari for thirty some years. Right now its tenor solely due to back problems. I play Trev…

3 years ago
by jak


Is it possible to Post Pdf's to this site I have lots to share thank you


3 years ago
by Jonolockjaw

New to this forum

I found an early Mark VII (1975) in its case. It is brown with no lacquer and pads are shot. Is it worth getting in playin…

3 years ago
by jazzydjs (2 posts)

Hi there!

Hi there evyerbody,


I'm new to this forum. My name is Andy Grosskopf. I am a saxophonist (tenor sax…

3 years ago
by grosskopf

New here and need some advice!

I purchased a Buescher Aristocrat Sax from an antique shop recently and was wondering if anybody could let me know if it's…

3 years ago
by mijderf (260 posts)



4 years ago
by Jonolockjaw

Hello. I'm new here.

I'm 43 yrs old and I just started playing the alto sax 8 months ago. I really love this instrument. I grew up playing the…

4 years ago
by Peppers73


Good day everyone on here my name is Solomon am new on this site, please just want to find out the list of best alto saxop…

4 years ago
by Revsolo

New here and beginner again

Hello my name is Edwin. When I was young I has a bad child hood constantly beaten by my parents and starved. From as far b…

4 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Newbie, from India - How do I learn?

Hi, everyone!

Srinivas here, from India.

I just bought a sax, and it should be shipped out to me by…

4 years ago
by bandmates_think_im_Saxy (8 posts)
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