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matin tenor sax holton alto


My grandfather gave me a matin tenor sax and an alto frank holton sax,  fourty years ago to play in sc…

7 years ago
by tirambaby77 (7 posts)

silver sax made in Paris

Please, someone help me if you can! I am cleaning out a house and have come across a silver saxophone with the words Armand &…

7 years ago
by vicpasnick (1 post)


I started blowing a tenor sax in HS 41 years and 3 months ago. I thought life ended in a HS band room. It did not. I am en…

7 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

Where can I buy a good affordable Alto Sax

Can anyone provide a good website, or websites where I can search for a good and affordable Alto Sax?

8 years ago
by saxgourmet (127 posts)

Sax doubler - looking for the perfect combination


My name is Sheryl, I'm new here. I'm an oboe/english horn player who doubles on sax. Currently I have a Sel…

8 years ago
by sr14051

New beginner

I am very new to this site and to Saxophone's. I have been wanting to play the Sax for years actually decades. Anyway, I am…

8 years ago
by vindeisel1 (6 posts)

need used professional alto sax (nice but inexpensive)

My daughter is looking for a professional alto sax. She is going to college in August and her teacher recommended a Selmer II…

8 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Winston Pro 1 tenor sax


New member. I saw in Jim's list of approved saxes the Winston. Found one I liked on ebay and bought it. It i…

8 years ago
by Ned

Conn Curious - Part 1

Hi people, I have 3 Conns, a '41 10M which is just fine; a late 30s 6M, more on that later but for now I need info on my o…

8 years ago
by Freddie Nurk (7 posts)


I am just starting to play sax after a 30 year break. Marriage, kids,etc. I play alto sax.Its definately not like riding a bi…

8 years ago
by garycsilber (2 posts)

Hello from a new member.....

Hi, all. My name is Gary, and I'm an almost  60 year old professional photographer and an amatuer musician. I play th…

8 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

New to the Forum

Hey all, 

I'm newer to Sax then most people but I have been playing for a few years now. I signed up for t…

8 years ago
by SaxBunnie

Greetings from Oregon!

Hello everyone.  I'm new here ... I'm taking private lessons twice a week for the summer, when my practice shed (an a…

8 years ago
by turtlejimmy (14 posts)

New student

Am new bingnnerisn't sax,I need some to tell me how can I go about,I need leson note as well in african,musical college ve…

8 years ago
by magnificant

Glad to find this website :)

I'm a student Saxophone player and I'm new to this website. I had wanted to learn how to play the Saxophone for 17 years a…

8 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Another one from Oregon!

Somewhat of an imposter here. I do not play sax. My son does. I play clarinet. I am just here to learn about saxes.


8 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

new to


I am a new member, an avid amatuer player and saxophone enthusiast.  I play lead alto in a swing ba…

8 years ago
by marci

Looking for information--I'm so confused

I found this site looking for information on a saxaphone that was given to us several years ago, but our kids never took i…

8 years ago
by daisyblue (3 posts)


Greeting everyone! I am new here. I live in Florida, and play soprano, alto, tenor saxophones, clarinet and flute. I playe…

8 years ago
by LSaxmaster (2 posts)

New Member...Great Site!!!!

Hi Folks,
Just found this website and really enjoying the posts! Best wishes to all and keep posting!
-Metro Nar…

8 years ago
by Metro_MarkVI

Boston Brand Saxophone

Hello from San Juan, PR.  I am new to this forum and hope to gain a lot of experience from all of the members of this…

8 years ago
by almoralesfranco (4 posts)


Hi all,
I've visisted this site trying to find out about mouthpieces, really got some good input. I will run to…

8 years ago
by Caatje006

Can't stop squeaks or get the sound that I want!(alto)

Since I turned to metal mouthpieces I have dealt with many problems. I have tried many mouthpieces (sizes and shapes), reeds…

8 years ago
by lallopop (1 post)

where to find sheet music

I am trying to find sheet music. Can anyone help?

8 years ago
by janetwatson (4 posts)

Hi from rainy France

Hi all sax lovers.

I just joined after reading an article about my current problem, the apparently common tenor…

8 years ago
by saxit
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