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Martin Indiana Tenor x Conn 16M


Hello! Can someone help me? What is the best choice between Martin Indiana Tenor (1955, USA) vs Conn 16M (1…

3 years ago
by moshe (6 posts)

Bundy Selmer sax 21954

I have a Bundy Selmer Elkhart-ind, distributors saxaphone. The model is 21954. I have been trying to find out the…

4 years ago
by abateantonio

Selmer Mk VI Alto

I have decided to sell my Selmer Mk VI Alto.  I've had it from NEW (1974); it has the original lacquer; recen…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Selmer Model 26 Alto saxophone

Does anyone know any history on this saxophone and possible value? I have been playing it for about 7 years.

4 years ago
by Farmer (0 posts)

Beuscher Tenor for a Yamaha Alto

I found someone who's willing to trade his 1919 Beuscher True Tone (tenor) for my Yamaha - YAS-32ii. Would that be a decen…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Portrait house cg conn

Looking for an appraisal

4 years ago
by Herberts (1 post)

1950 buescher arjstocrat appraisal???

I have had this since I was a a kid... value wise, I am unsure...  opinions sppreciated...



4 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Buescher True Tone straight soprano measurements C vs. Bb


I'm trying to calculate the percentage size difference between a Buescher straight soprano in C vs. the same m…

4 years ago
by krbeesley

1962 Selmer Mark 6 Bari Sax Serial number 996987

As im sure a professional like yourself knoe 1962 selmers are top of the line. They just sold one on eBay for $8200. …

4 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Help with mid 70s sax

My husband has a sax from grade school and wondering if anyone knows what brand this would be And if it's worth anything.…

4 years ago
by suzannebw

Silver Soprano Sax Dec 9, 1914


my my dad is wanting to get some info about his saxophone. I’m not sure of even the brand. It does…

4 years ago
by annejones101 (0 posts)

Jazzman Ted? Beaugnier questions

I recently went on a buying spree of very reasonably priced Beaugnier-built saxophones, on this guy's reccommendation. See…

4 years ago
by guitarandsax

Vintage saxophone pitching?

Hello everyone,,,
I'm thinking of buying a curved soprano from a bandmate. It's a Conn 32XXX serial number, "New Inve…

4 years ago
by jam22 (0 posts)

Value of my Martin

Good evening all everyone,

I found my old alto saxophone called the Martin.  Not having any idea wha…

4 years ago
by mijderf (282 posts)

Selmer alto

I have recently purchased a Selmer alto which I believe is a new large bore model from 1928, I would appreciate any inform…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

beuscher alto sax

I have a beuscher silver plated engraved true tone low pitch alto sax by elkhart made in indiana serial number dates it to…

4 years ago
by pauljennings

Tracking Down Old Conn

About 10 years ago, I sold a Conn 10M Naked Lady tenor saxophone, serial #295529, to Dave Wilson in PA. He sold the horn t…

4 years ago
by gfadale

Hirum K Elles Elkhart USA Alto

I was hoping a knowledgeable member of this forum might know something about this Saxophone I recently acquired...a silver…

4 years ago
by gobharp99 (2 posts)

New to this site!

I play guitar, as my username might suggest, but my son plays sax. I bought him a couple of saxes many years ago. One is a…

4 years ago
by stratpicker

Couesnon Monopole Conservatoires Alto

I have a sweet sounding vintage Alto from Couesnon. It's an Monopole Conservatoires model made at 105 Rue Lafayette Paris. It…

4 years ago
by vries1 (2 posts)

Should I buy a vinage Saxophone.

1 replies by jamun99 (2 posts) 4 years ago

4 years ago
by ismartphones (0 posts)

Looking for Conn Engraving Choices Brochure

I am looking for a brochure in the 1923 time frame that would show examples of available Conn engraving.

As a purc…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer

HN White company King

Found this old Saxaphone. would like to know any information about it and if it has value. thank you!!

4 years ago
by salim82

selmer Mark V/VI?

On a friends behalf i try to do some research and potential value. And where to sell it for best value as is.
Its a S…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Question about low pitch Wurlitzer American

Just aquired an antique Wurlitzer American Sax, trying to find info on it's Actual age/origin.  I understand the reco…

4 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)
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